Kiznaiver : We Have To Contact Each Other and Confirm Our Feelings. Because We’re Friends!

Episode 11

Ichi Ichi Renraku Shi Atte Kimochi wo Kakunin Shi Awanai to. Datte Tomodachina n Dakara! (いちいち連絡しあって気持ちを確認しあわないと 。だって友達なんだ から !)

Could this be the moment that the group actually come together? Will the experiment get a vague “success” in at least bringing these people together even if they did physically and mentally torture them together ?

Will I get the love story I WANT to see instead of a load that I never wanted to see?

Who knows.

We start were we ended. With Katsuhira, Hisomu and Nico learning about what happened to Katsuhira and Nori as kids.

So this episode?

I’m not sure I’d agree with it if I’m honest. I think they’ve missed a few logical steps in all this because it didn’t really make sense to me.

The episode kind of felt like it was trying to say that the bond of friendship was all that mattered. If you are close enough to someone then you’ll feel that bond like a Kizna mark allowed these guys to feel no matter what. Problem is personally for me I’ve not seen anything that really WOULD make these guys feel that close. They tried to explain away the whole thing and make it sound like the experiment brought them together but their friendship has given them the bond they need to feel Katsuhira’s pain.


Absolutely bullcrap.

I don’t think anyone who went through what they went through would really have a bond with the other people. Hisomu has a big heart and so does Nico so it doesn’t surprise me that they would feel it. Sadly  Chidori has spent the whole time thinking about herself and her pain, which you know means nothing and isn’t a bad thing. She was in pain and she deserved to be selfish just like Maki was. Chidori spent the least time bonding with anyone and the experiment and the effects they felt in this episode are invalid with her because we already knew she already was in pain watching Katsuhira the way he was. Tenga doesn’t like Katsuhira, he hates him in a way for being the person that keeps hurting Chidori, why would he honestly have bonded with someone who keeps hurting someone he has feelings for? Yuta hasn’t bonded with anyone other then Maki and even then it was on a intellectual level and therefore not emotionally bonding to her.

I don’t get it at all.

The most bizzare thing though is that this wasn’t the end. We have one episode left where the group is going to have to convince Nori not to bond herself with EVERYONE.

Yes I’m not even joking about that.

She’s trying to bond with everyone.

If you have read all my reviews of Kiznaiver you know that every single time I’ve been hopeful that the next episode will give us that one scene, that tiny bit, that would make it matter. Instead now I just feel like I’ve wasted my life watching this to be told the stunning revelation that shockingly you don’t have to torture people to make bonds with them. All you have to do is…. Make… Friends?

What wonders!

It was obviously worth torturing 19 kids, countless adults and then a group of young adults to find that out.


One thought on “Kiznaiver : We Have To Contact Each Other and Confirm Our Feelings. Because We’re Friends!”

  1. Nori is definitely going off the deep end at the end of this episode and it really feels like she’s doing it just to stretch thin content one more episode. Thanks for sharing.

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