Mawaru Penguindrum : Saving the World

Episode 15

Sekai wo Sukuu Mono (世界を救う者)

This probably marks the first time I’ve ever seen the second set of opening credits unless I’m being crazy and forgot about it from last episode.

There was a lot of things that I don’t remember from the last episode….

I don’t think I want to remember last episode much.

Fate really loves these guys. It turns out that Shoma was taken to the hot springs by a friend and ended up next door to Riingo and Yuri and is able to run to save Ringo.

I feel like if I ever told people to watch this anime I’d tell them to skip episode 14 because for all the problems I had with that episode I truly felt like episode 15 made up for it. I don’t know why the writers went to such an extreme with Yuri but her backstory which was the focus of Episode 15 was truly so sad that i you aren’t moved then you have a heart of stone.

Of course it doesn’t really explain why she was going to rape Ringo. It doesn’t excuse that she was going to rape her. I’m not really sure what that was all about, it didn’t really add up to the end of episode either. Hence why if I ever recommend Penguindrum I’d have to say to stay away from, at least, the end of episode 14.

It was just so tacky and so over the top and unneeded. There are a few rather strange decisions in Penguindrum but by far this was the weirdest of them all. I can’t really act like it didn’t happen because it did and Yuri’s character is tainted by such a strange and over the top story line, at the same time though you want to forget it because it honestly felt like it was there as a OMG cliffhanger and a way to bridge a gap between Shouma and Ringo that was only there to begin with because they forced that gap in a situation that should have brought them together.

Didn’t like it in Episode 14 and no amount of episodes will wash that bad taste out of my mouth.

Trying to separate that and the rest of the story.

This episode explained not only Yuri but Momoka to us. It was the first time we truly saw Momoka in action. There were flashes from Tabuki’s memory but nothing as solid as this.

Honestly I’m so pissed that they had Yuri nearly rape Ringo because her story was so sad. Her father told her she was ugly, and being a artist he’d know that, he then abused her and would have killed her to make her pretty. Momoka saved Yuri, not only by telling her that she was pretty but by transferring Yuri’s fate.

Her diary apparently held charms and spells that let Momoka transfer the fate of living things. She saved a bunny from death and ended up with a wound on her finger, and in the end she saved Yuri from her father ending up with her in hospital. I might have misheard but Yuri said that after that Momoka died in the explosion which is why she needs the diary, the diary that Masako now thinks she has all of after attacking Yuri.

The sadness I felt for Yuri is only matched by the anger at the writers decision to have such a horrible scene leading up to it. It didn’t add anything to… Well… Anything! In fact now that I’ve seen Yuri’s past the horrible thing is that it honestly is such a misfire of a character that I’m now more angry then anything else.

This poor girl was abused, Masako might be right when she says that having had that kind of life she grew up to want people to care about her, that would be fine though compared to whatever it was she was trying to do to Ringo.

You can forgive Ringo all the horrible things she did because she’s a kid! She’s a kid that had her head fucked up and was doing what she could to bring back people in her life that should be there fore her anyway, but they aren’t. She’s surrounded by selfish people. SHE’S A KID! Fate smiled on her and gave her the Takakura family to find a light out of her darkness and even though her actions were sketchy at best most of the times SHE IS A KID!

Yuri is a adult. Yuri knows about the “power” of the damned diary. Yuri might have been fucked up as a kid and might want to be loved but she’s a adult. SHE’S A FUCKING ADULT! Do whatever she needs to do to get the diary and bring back Momoka sure, I’d not even bat a eyelid if there was torture involved but trying to rape a kid for no reason, because there really wasn’t one, that is just such a terrible decision.

It hurts so badly because everything surrounding that scene was really good, highly emotional and would explain away just about ANY OTHER COURSE OF ACTION SHE WOULD TAKE.

NOTHING explains why she’d do what she was going to do with Ringo.

Like at least when Ringo was doing these things it was to imitate Momoka’s life. Even if she believes Ringo is the reincarnation of Momoka there was nothing ever that meant that sleeping with Ringo would do anything for Yuri.

It was just…


I think Episode 15 was such a good episode that it makes you angry that they’d do what they did in Episode 14.

Away from them and Sanetoshi made my heart hurt when he gave Double H the scarves that Himari made which really made her happy. I don’t really get why Double H disappeared from Himari’s life because they are so sweet they don’t seem to care if she was ill and would probably still keep in touch. That was kind of a strange part of all that, I do hope that Himari gets to see them again at some point!

I don’t know what to make of Sanetoshi though. We’ll have to wait and see I guess!

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