Mayoiga : Get in the Bus, and it’ll get the song in you

Episode 11

Bus ni Noreba Utagokoro (バスに乗れば唄心)

Mitsumune is no longer in Nanaki village, neither is Yottsun.

Masaki is missing and has Lovepon and Mikage on her heels.

Koharun is using Hyoketsu and Jack to her advantage and CAN’T be trusted.

Reiji is really there, in the other Nanaki village.

Everyone else is about to take a nap.

The mystery continues….

This episode got one thing spot on.

The driver.

I don’t think I’ve really talked about my feelings when it comes to the driver so I’m going to take a moment to do so.

The guy didn’t really want to be part of this. The way he was treated constantly by the others was always cruel and even though he was a bit rough with the way he was speaking to them in the first episode it obviously came from a good place, a place we now know was full of pain, and they ARE all kids running from things that you just kind of have to be proactive about. Nearly everyone in the world has something they wish they could hide from, bad things happen to everyone. Running away isn’t the way to do it.

Of course in his own way he was turning a blind eye to his own pain but maybe the reason why his daughter never showed up as a giant beast but a little girl was because he never ran away.

You do turn a blind eye to pain from time to time, I think from experience if you keep it in front of you forever it’ll tear you to pieces. You do have to come to terms with that pain at some point so turning a blind eye won’t help forever, and the driver got his chance to come to terms with his pain and got to say goodbye to his daughter finally in this episode. It was the sweetest moment I’ve seen for a long time in anything.

He never did anything wrong, he didn’t want to be there and I’m so happy he got out happy and content. The goodbye from his Nanaki daughter was the sweetest thing.

Its the way the whole group reacted to the driver that first led me to believe that there wasn’t many nice people in that group. I think that is something that has come to bite them on the ass now.

Your Nanaki is important in this place. We learn quite a bit about them this episode. We learn that Koharun is trying to create a giant one and figured out Valkana was too nice a person to help her in this quest so she’s gone after Hayato whose psychological scars have probably grown with his friend seemingly running off with Masaki. Also we learn that your life is absolutely dependant on these Nanaki.

When you leave Nanaki Village if you do so by coming to terms with your Nanaki and leaving with it you’ll be fine, like Yottsun who came to terms with him probably never being the biggest rapper in the world but wanting to be a rapper nonetheless. If you leave for any other reason like the old man did you’ll lose that piece of you that is tied to the Nanaki, hence his ageing.

I’m still not too sure about the guys falling asleep and the guys who aren’t right now. There is a lot of talk about the Nanaki and how they are tied to it but it makes no sense that people like Nyanta are now asleep when we’ve seen they have even interacted with their Nanaki.

What this episode did though was set up for a dramatic ending.

I’m not sure I wanted a dramatic ending the way its looking to come though. I’m not sure what I really wanted but it looks like they are going to have to do more then come to terms with their Nanaki soon as Koharun might be making a monster that can’t be defeated by one person.

I cheered when Mitsumune couldn’t return on his own and don’t understand why he’s been able to return and I’m not sure I care about him or Masaki enough to care about that part of the story anymore. You see his scars had healed but for some reason knowing that Masaki was going to be upset because Reiji is actually HER Nanaki was enough to send him back, in time to save her from the two deluded assholes who are probably seconds away from killing her. The sentimental claptrap has bored me from episode 1. I don’t see why everything has to have lovey dovey sentiment spread through it. She’s now pretty much back at square one with me as I don’t believe a word she says about anything and seeing we now know she DOES have a Nanaki it will be interesting to find out if the question that is Masaki is ever revealed or if she just gets to walk away with Masaki.

To be honest I’d be more interesting to see the bond of friendship break Hayato out of his prison and have him see the error of his ways. THAT would be interesting.

I’m still hoping we get to learn a lot more about Nanko then we know right now but I doubt it.

I’m still pretty sure I’m going to be disappointed with the ending but hoping it crawls to some kind of satisfying conclusion.


One thought on “Mayoiga : Get in the Bus, and it’ll get the song in you”

  1. It would be nice to see Hayato actually wake up to himself but it doesn’t seem like that is happening any times soon. Besides, Mitsumune isn’t going back for his supposed friend, he’s going back for the girl he met days ago. Which seems really callous on his part given he only learned about Hayato’s betrayal yesterday but still has years of history with him. The entire time he has been in the village we haven’t see Mitsumune do one thing that would seem like he actually is friends with Hayato.
    Thanks for sharing.

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