Bungou Stray Dogs : Rashomon and the Tiger

Episode 10

Rashomon to Tora (羅生門と虎)

Kunikida has to rush to save Atsushi, Dazai is still kind of a prisoner and Akutagawa isn’t a happy bunny… Not that he ever is.

I really don’t like the logic in this anime most of the time. Or at least I don’t think I can understand why no one points out to Atsushi the difference between him and Kyouka.

He puts his life on the line for her this week which I get OK. I get that he’s just a nice and confused guy who wants to believe in the best of people. She still doesn’t add up to me though and I felt like Kunikida’s speech from when he finally catches up with the boat just before Atsushi turns back to fight Akutagawa should have stood. In reality anything bad that Atsushi has done he did without consciously knowing he was doing it. Until Dazai showed him he was a Weretiger he had no idea what he was doing. Kyouka KNEW what was going on and it took till meeting Atsushi and killing 30+ people for her to decide her death was better then carrying on killing.

Atsushi has shown time and time again that he’d rather die himself then put anyone even in the idea of being in trouble. Kyouka hasn’t.

Young though she is, scared though she was, she is nothing like Atsushi. Yet no one likes to point this out.

I think it annoys me so much because I feel we are told that she is meant to be similar to Atsushi and you are meant to care for her and feel for her predicament. I just can’t though. She might not have been able to control her ability but deciding after killing 30+ people that you can’t do it any more does not make her a character you should sympathise with ESPECIALLY as all she ever had to do was chuck the phone away. It wouldn’t have made a load of difference in saving her as the Mafia would have got her but at least then she’d have been a sympathetic story.

Or maybe I’m too harsh?

I just think after having the whole story of Atsushi running away because he thought it would stop his friends who he had only just met from getting hurt followed by one of a similar character who decided her life, even though there was no quality of life, was more important then others doesn’t really make you want to sympathise with the second character.

Also have to say I didn’t like how the fight went down with Atsushi and Akutagawa. I don’t know but we never saw Atsushi learn how to control his ability but we’re meant to believe that in this short period he’s become so expert at using his ability that he can smash one of the most powerful members of the Port Mafia to bits easily?

That being said the actual fight was epic. Loved seeing their powers clash I just think it would have been better after seeing Atsushi being able to control his ability beforehand.

Away from that we had Dazai and his continued existence as a pain in everyone he meets side. This time it being his old partner Chuuya who has to deal with him. Chuuya is a master of martial arts so doesn’t have to worry too much about Dazai’s power. They know each other well though and the fight ends with a funny goodbye as Dazai tells Chuuya that his superiors might not be happy he’ll die before they’ve discussed what to do with Dazai and him teasing the hell out of him.

I love their dynamic! Makes me wish that we could see more of them as partners. They have a better back and forth then Dazai and Kunikida, not by much but Chuuya is just a little more fun then Kunikida.

He finds out that F. Scott Fitzgerald is the one after the Weretiger and boy can I not wait to see more of him!

You know I know that I sound like I’m complaining a lot but I do love this anime and I really loved the episode. I do feel like the fight was too early, or at least for it to play out the way it did, and I really seem to have beef with Kyouka, but all the bits with Dazai and Chuuya were awesome and I can’t stress enough that I LOVED the fight itself.

Again though I do really feel that the biggest problem I have with it is purely how fast they try and rush through each story. It feels like they want to get to a certain point as fast as they can but sadly in doing so you lose a little of the logic and character building that you kind of need to see. Atsushi as a character is growing but a lot of his growing is happening… Out of nowhere. He is very obviously a much different person now to what he had been but logically it doesn’t make sense how much he’s changed in such a short period or even make sense where these changes have come from.

Can’t help but love all the oddities in the show though.

Plus I wanna see more of Chuuya! I loved Chuuya!


2 thoughts on “Bungou Stray Dogs : Rashomon and the Tiger”

  1. Chuuya was a great character and the fight and discussion between Dazai and Chuuya is one of my favourite moments on the series so far. I don’t feel sympathy for Kyouka but I like that she realised that she should change even if it took her too long to come to that realisation. It’s better than the characters who just think ‘oh, I’ve killed thirty people, one more won’t hurt.’ Yeah, I don’t feel sorry for her and if she had died I probably wouldn’t have cared, but I think Atsushi needs to save someone for his story to progress and Kyouka is as good as anybody else at this point.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah they have such great chemistry, I love the hate/love/hate chemistry. I read the manga last night all the way to I guess the latest chapter and their chemistry is just as great in the manga, I’m happy they carried it over to the anime!

      I think my main problem is not Kyouka herself or the fact she’s there to help Atsushi in his quest to find his place in a world that has turned its back on people like him. My problem is that they haven’t really gone for one character or the other with her.

      Like its hard to explain but if she was being tortured to do something fair enough, she’s young and you’d understand. If she didn’t care but wanted redemption then again fair enough (I like Dazai and he doesn’t seem to really have many hang ups about what he did or at least we haven’t seen that part of his story yet.) Its this middle ground where the story points to us having to feel bad for this poor orphan who did something against her will whilst having the big question that if she WAS like Atsushi she’d have given her life up beforehand. She’s NOT like him so the story needs to play differently.

      I guess its me personally even though I know the story they are telling and that it probably is vital to Atsushi it nags at me that personally I feel like she’s not a character of her own BECAUSE she’s purely there for Atsushi to put all his put downs and luggage into her. She’s like a glass tank being filled up with Atsushi’s hopes and fears and is nothing herself. It COULD be a character trait but its one that I just find abrasive in any media. Even characters I dislike have to have something ABOUT them. Even if I carried on disliking her I’d want to do it because she had a character. The way it is she doesn’t really have one so I’m indifferent. She might as well not have been there, in fact she really didn’t need to be! Akutagawa could have kidnapped Atsushi and told him how valueless he was and he manned up and looked out for himself first instead of letting someone put them down.

      I’m sorry! That didn’t mean to come out as a rant!!!

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