Mawaru Penguindrum : Princess of Lies

Episode 14

“Usotsuki Hime” (嘘つき姫)

The anime takes yet another twist. Another twisty twist of twistiness. Stories change and stories evolve. Penguindrum does not like to disappoint when it comes to the batshit crazy.

This episode taught us MORE then we need to know about Yuri. I always said she seemed off but this episode goes beyond ‘off’ and into the quite frankly WRONG area.

It has now got to the point where every character you meet is up to something fate based. Everyone believes or disbelieves as they want but all of them are fated together. Plus they all read really random and stupid messages into everything.

Before I begin I want to say that this episode made me stall. I quite literally have had these reviews stacked up for weeks but I got to this episode and it just threw me for six. I’ve watched it about 20 times since the last one and each time I just end up speechless. It isn’t because of anything that happens in it or anything like that. It is just so unbelievably boring.

I might joke about twists and all that but this really was one for the books.

Plus you spend so much time going “what the actual fuck?!” at everything Yuri is doing that, or at least I, completely forget what other things happened. I know that we learnt that Hamari’s medicine is going up in cost, that the battle for who stays alive is heating up. There was something about scarves as well or some such thing….

Mainly though it was just a twisty turny and BORING story about Yuri.

There was only one person who thought she was beautiful, only one person who knew the real her… No points gained for guessing in advance that it was Momoko.

So Yuri is just as obsessed with the idea that Ringo should be Momoko as Ringo used to be.

Sadly its just one of those things for Ringo. Her parents don’t really seem to care, she’s been forcing herself to do strange and illegal things just to bring the memory or life of her older sister back to save that family. Now she’s finally figured out she actually LIKES someone, that she herself can have a life, friends and just get on with things. What then happens is that Shoma can’t forgive his parents for what happened to her sister so just decides to blank her, whilst she gets picked up by Yuri for a “sisterly” trip that ends… Not to well for Ringo.

I honestly struggled with it. I’m used to the anime crossing the line but I think it just went overboard. It wasn’t so much the actions that just made my brain hurt but the fact that there NEEDED to be these actions. No doubt this next part of the story will at some point interest, but at this point you have SO MANY stories going on. All connected. All freakin’ strange. All making people act like idiots.

Yuri isn’t even interesting. Her whole “me, me, me” speech through the episode just made me want to vomit and even after watching the episode a good 19 times more then any other I could tell you less of what happened then any other. HENCE the review being out a good 12 hours after it usually is. I just haven’t been able to find the words but didn’t want to NOT write SOMETHING.

So there.

I’m probably missing something but I’m hoping that this was one dip and the series doesn’t become tedious from here on in.


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