Kiznaiver : It’s All Over…… I Think

Episode 9


Last ditch attempt to save the experiment see’s Yamada forcing these kids to force a real bond romantically. It started well but will it end positively?

Like absolute hell will it.

Let me start by saying this. At least the anime WANTS us to hate this experiment. Its flawed, its horrible and its going to bloody kill the kids if they keep it up. Never are you made to LIKE what is happening though.


This week it truly shows how sadistic this whole thing is.

Very obviously Nori and Katsuhira were two of the kids that were connected when they were younger, and of course this was still left vague. You can kind of read between the lines of what happened but it makes me angry. Real angry. I am not a people person, I’m not a social person. I have no real empathy, I don’t really make connections to others easily therefore I can come across as emotionless or cold. I’m intelligent enough as a human being to know how you SHOULD act and Katsuhira isn’t bloody stupid. The fact that at every point in this story it isn’t even just talked about its screamed, shouted and shoved in his face that Chidori likes him yet time and time again, in a experiment like this, he throws it away. He doesn’t use his brain. The only thing he thinks about is Nori. Now as someone who struggles the way I do EVERYTHING Nori has said to him makes sense to me and when I HAVE made a bond like he has with Nori I find it easy to relate it to people around me. So Katsuhira’s reluctance to act even if he doesn’t feel and the fact the experiment has totally failed on him just really boils my blood.

I can’t help it. It makes me extremely angry.

The experiment is a complete disaster.

Forcing them once more nearly kills them this week though.

Chidori’s heart is broken, Nico’s heart is broken, Tenga’s heart is broken, seeing everyone sad and hurt breaks Maki’s heart and obviously with Maki in pain Yuta is in pain and knowing that they can’t be friends Hisomu is in pain. Unbearable pain. Terrible pain.

Another thing that makes me angry.

Was it really that obvious that Nico liked Tenga? To the point that it was obvious that Chidori was in love with Katsuhira and that Tenga was in love with Chidori? For me it wasn’t therefore it seems an unnecessary addition to Nico’s pain. It would have been fine for Nico to have been purely in pain because of them not being able to be friends THAT was what she ALWAYS looked like she wanted. NOT anything with Tenga. Do I need to rewatch or something?

There is a lot now that just doesn’t work in this anime for me. Its way too rushed and the point of the experiment is totally lost. None of what they have felt or gone through has made them understand each other, nothing has made them stronger, made a bond or done anything else. All that has happened is that they can now magically read each others minds and hate each other for it.

NOT ONLY THAT but apparently the bond can’t be used for long periods of time EVEN THOUGH Katsuhira and Nori obviously have been connected for a long time.

Give me bloody strength.

So to clear this up.

I found the romance angle all over the place.

Chidori/Katsuhira/Tenga/Nori made sense. THAT WAS THE ONLY ONE THEY NEEDED! That was the drama right there. Moving the story to include everyone else in romance stories did two things. One dilated the whole moving story between those four and secondly makes the anime look like it only accepts romantic love to be strong enough to form bonds the way this experiment wants.

Yuta and Maki I understood but it then took away from a interesting story with Maki, it felt more like a reason to pair people and also to make Yuta more interesting. After all what other then being a fat kid and in love with Maki is there to Yuta?

Nico and Hisomu REALLY NEVER NEED TO BE IN RELATIONSHIPS OR CARE FOR IT! What is wrong with having aromantical or asexual characters? Or even just not have people needing to be in love? Nico’s story was so all over the place in this episode because it felt made up, it felt put into the show for the sake of it.

For the first time ever I found explanations to be terrible. They went from talking us through everything to leaving us with a whole load of riddles in this episode. I still think we have a lot to learn about Nori and what happened to her and Katsuhira and you kind of need to see the experiment do SOMETHING other then kill the kids.

Yet why did this stupid show make me cry?

For me I think the one thing they have done well is make you fall in love with certain characters, the certain characters that really matter. Tenga, Chidori, Nico and Hisomu… Oh all right Hisomu is more a laugh then anything else but when Tenga runs off screaming to save Chidori’s feelings it makes me weak, when he made Katsuhira run after her it made me sad, when he then was faced with the same predicament as Katsuhira I was so angry at the writers for putting unneeded drama into it just to hurt Nico, when he attacked Katushira I blubbed like a baby.

Thing is I’m not going to be happy am I?

I don’t want Chidori to go off with Katushira I want her to fall in love with Tenga but now that they have crowbarred into it feelings with Nico its obvious Tenga has to go with Nico… But like a lot of romances I just cant buy any of the ones we’re being told to go for. That’s why Nico being in love with Tenga ruined it because I wanted Chidori to have a happy ending and that happy ending could have been with Tenga. Now no one is going to be happy.

In fact I think they are all going to kill each other with depression.


2 thoughts on “Kiznaiver : It’s All Over…… I Think”

  1. I think I enjoy this show more now that I gave up expecting the experiment or the explanations to make sense. I still dislike that the characters are all deeply stupid but it is kind of interesting watching them try to deal with this in their own way. And, whether it made sense or not, they hit all the right emotional notes in the final this week and that final scene really just made you feel for the characters. And when they make you feel for characters you dislike they’ve done something right even if it wasn’t plot or character development.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the episode.

    1. Yep! That’s what I was trying to get at, you said it better then I ever could. I think the anime is missing a lot by trying to do too much in such a short period but it has to have done something right when you find yourself screaming at the TV because they are going to kill the characters with all this pain and you don’t want them to be in pain anymore!

      Just wish they’d pull it together more tightly. It could have been a much more interesting story with a greater moral story to think about but it kind of failed a bit at it. Hope it ends stronger then its been so far!

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