Two More Matches Announced for Heroes & Legends 3

As you can see I am about the only person posting on here at the moment so my time has been spread very thin especially whilst working full time. So in the last week there have been two announcements of matches for Pride’s July show ‘Heroes & Legends 3’ and now that I have two minutes I’ll post them here so you can get even more excited.

First up we found out what Hornswoggle would be up to. He is about to be murdered in cold blood by the House of Bones.

Seriously I am not the only person that looks at that match and automatically knows that Lomaxx is going to try and crush him. I mean he nearly killed Darren Saviour in a match that lasted seconds back in March… I see so many shenanigans coming in this match and to be honest…. Mini-Magnum Swoggle? Who DOESN’T want to see that?

I am really looking forward to this match. Lets face it we had House on Bones vs The Magnums and Eddie Ryan at Teignmouth and I’m pretty sure Swoggle will make a good replacement for Ryan, whilst Ryan is off being champion and wonderful of course…

Who doesn’t want to see this?

Plus hopefully as always Vixxen will be at ringside. Maybe she can get her revenge on the Magnums for them Magnumhandling her in Teignmouth?

So the second match? Once more one of the coolest things you’ll see…

Ultimo Tiger continues to have the most amazing match ups possible as he goes one-on-one with PJ Black.

Lets face it, any match with Tiger in the coming months looks like its going to steal the show and this is not any different. Him and PJ are going to tear the house down and it’ll just add to the long list of awesome matches that Tiger has had this year. From Omega to Bram he’s been on fire even if he hasn’t won them all. Seriously from January to now he’s grown so much that he doesn’t even look like the same guy in the ring any more.

Plus my friend said Tiger sucks so its time he saw the real Tiger.

These two matches join the one already announced which was Scotty 2 Hotty vs Scotty Essex (my bet is still that Scotty will win) on what is looking to be another jam packed show.

As always keep your eyes peeled for more, go follow them on Facebook and go buy tickets. Worry about how you are going to get there afterwards (that is kinda what I do!)


2 thoughts on “Two More Matches Announced for Heroes & Legends 3”

  1. Mini-Magnum? Mate please tell me you will record his entrance? Specially if he comes down as a Magnum? I looked at getting to this one but out of all of them its the hardest for me to get to, mmight come down for the Plymouth one then you can show me your home town before the show. Its if I can get the time off to do it.

    Tiger is in some hell of a exciting matches. This event looks even better then the RVD one.

    Magnums and Hornswoggle are going to win. Can’t make a decision on Tiger vs PJ Black.

    1. I’ll see what I can do. I mean it isn’t too hard to switch between the two settings. I need to save my memory on my phone thought just in case Keizer starts insulting children again, I need to film all his speeches else how else are you going to be enlightened on what the Soul Society say?

      I would never advocate coming to Plymouth, that is a silly idea. You should have come to Taunton. Even Penzance would be better then Plymouth!

      Hell no. House of Bones will win. They need to get their own back on the Magnums. Vixxen can take out Hornswoggle on her own. Tiger vs PJ Black is going to be a hard fight but Tiger has the fire to do it.

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