Bungou Stray Dogs : The Beauty is Quiet Like a Stone Statue

Episode 9

Utsukushiki Hito wa Sabi to Shite Sekizou no Gotoku (うつくしき人は寂として石像の如く)

Atsushi has saved the life of a assassin from the Port Mafia. This week he has to shoulder the burden that saving their life brings to the agency.

Whilst still the agency doesn’t seem to be too worried about the disappearance of Dazai.

A tale of two halves.

The first half was that of Atsushi and Kyouka. When she wakes up Atsushi stays with Kunikida whilst he interrogates her, after taking her for boiled tofu Kunikida leaves her in Atsushi’s protection telling him to take her to the military police, where she would be trailed and probably sentenced to death for the assassinations she’d been part of. His interaction with Kunikida left him wondering if its such a burden to help someone else then why would Dazai bother saving him. Something that haunts him whilst he tries to make Kyouka happy, taking her on a “date” which ends up with her happily escorting Atsushi to the military police anyway. Again saying that she would rather face her punishment then to live with what she’d done.

Actually I do take back a lot of what I said about her in the last episode. I still think if you truly didn’t want to assassinate all those people then throwing your phone away knowing you yourself would be punished IS the answer, after all she was all for blowing herself up or handing herself in for a death sentence after going over the 30 mark on deaths so why would it have been any different a job, two jobs or at the beginning of her time with them? That being said she’s obviously just young and lost and there was no ulterior motive as the Port Mafia had her bugged anyway so found her and him via that.

As you can then guess the second half of the episode saw the Agency slowly move into action to find Atsushi.

I say slowly because, like with Dazai, they had no intention of going to find him at first. Kunikida has his eyes on a important job and Rampo doesn’t think there is any point being Atsushi’s babysitter.

Cue Naomi going to get the boss.

MAN do I love the boss. He’s hardly been in it but the dramatic music playing over his arrival and him giving them the what for just made me stand up and cheer. Man I wish he’d show the same concern over Dazai, then again I guess he is suicidal!

Rampo jumped straight to the front of my favourite character line up and in fact went way up in my favourite anime characters of all time list. I love that he really just didn’t care UNTIL he was told he’d get praise if he figured it out. There has to be more to Rampo then just being smart because how the hell did he know that there was a boat, how fast it was going and where it was? REALLY?! Like you are telling me he just deduced that? I don’t think even Holmes was able to deduce stupidly accurate information like that! I’m so hoping he isn’t wrong AT ALL because I want to see him being praised for being brilliant. I guess another question therefore is answered, why everyone is always so nice to him is because he responds to being praised.

I really liked the episode. I honestly think it was one of the best so far. I liked seeing the Agency interact more, I loved the humour which didn’t override everything and I loved seeing Dazai being himself away from the suicide talk and being a moron around the Agency guys.

After making the Mafia look really weak they managed to make them look slightly more threatening in this episode. I did find it silly to have the Elite killing squad or whatever they were attack the Agency just to be beaten so easily and therefore take all the threat away from the organisation and place it into the hands of one person. Obviously as a shady group they are more of a threat then a head on unit.

What I think would work better for the anime in general is not focusing so much on Atsushi. Before anyone says “he’s the main character” I know that but I don’t think any of the characters have enough in them to be interesting without interaction from the wider group. Atsushi is great as the eyes of the audience but that is purely what he is, he really hasn’t got much of a character other then being the person that everyone else talks to. I loved seeing the Agency guys have to work together and that was where the real enjoyment came out of the episode. If they go back to having one or two people interacting with Atsushi I feel like it’ll slow down hell of a lot. Having so many different personalities working together makes it much more interesting, or at least seeing and hearing from them all is better then this one this week and that one last week.

Really enjoyed the episode.

Totally in love with Rampo.


3 thoughts on “Bungou Stray Dogs : The Beauty is Quiet Like a Stone Statue”

  1. I also really enjoyed this episode, and loved the Boss. His arrival and the way it turned the direction of the story was just perfect. There are still issues with this series but this episode reminded me just how much fun some of this has been and I really do want to see where it goes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yep! Perfect use of the boss. Loved his dramatic music and everything. At the end of the day it was what was needed, he’s the figure of authority to a bunch of people with powers who are either selfish, uninterested in others or just children. Its like a school dynamic.

      I’m starting to feel because they have these 12 episodes then 12 episodes in October (or that was what was happening last time I saw anything about it!) they wanted to introduce all the craziness and get Atsushi’s story and Dazai’s story over with in these 12. I’m hoping we DO then go on just to see them working together against threats instead of the threat being primarily at them.

      Like a few anime’s this season I’m hooked on it but at the same time it doesn’t come together perfectly. Enjoying it a lot, its dark humour really rings true to me and it was interesting learning about the authors that the characters are all named after too (though I already knew a lot about Edogawa Rampo anyway!) there is just that small thing missing to make it great though.

      1. You’re right in that it just doesn’t come together well. There are so may good things about this show and yet it isn’t great and you can’t help be disappointed that it hasn’t quite got it right.
        It would be nice if there was another season to follow on, because there is so much potential in this series.
        Thanks for your comment.

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