Wrestling Hub May Picks

Two things.

1/ I am fully aware I missed April. No reason why, I just completely forgot about it until mid-way through May and decided there was no point doing it then.

2/ You might have guessed I’m patchy at best at watching anything but my local companies so will only be doing it based on the Pride/Plymouth/Chaos shows I’ve been to this month.

Oh I guess there is another thing…

There haven’t been any female wrestling in the four shows I’ve been to so we’ll skip it for a month (another month.)

So below you’ll see what I have to choose from. Its a hard month to pick winners from.

Ultimo Tiger / Scotty Essex / Johnny Gargano / Alex Steele / Kelly Sixx 

The guy has seriously upped his game. He was in one of the best matches you’ll ever see against Kotaru Suzuki at the beginning of the match and stood toe to toe with Bram in a no DQ Street Fight and kicked Bram’s ass. The guy then as cheerful as ever came out and took photos with fans after being thrown into vans, over tables and into walls (whilst having a lesiurely stroll to Morrisons.) If I wasn’t already a huge fan of Tigers then this month I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself becoming a fan. The dude is seriously crazy but he keeps getting better and basically stole both Pride shows this month.

Essex headlined Pride & Glory 3 with Carlito and then had a fantastic match against Johnny Kidd in Kidd’s last match in Devon before his retirement. Both matches were great.The Mountevans Rules match was a real battle of wrestling skill but as always with Scotty had all his personality poured into the match. It was battled with so much respect and had the audience hooked. A very emotional match and one you really do need to see.

I haven’t actually watched NXT in what feels like forever so Gargano’s name meant little to me. I saw him both at Total Chaos (against Wild Boar) and in Teignmouth (against Grizzy… He came to England to fight native animals obviously) and you can see why the guy is in NXT. Two completely different opponents and two completely different matches. He had complete control of his match against Wild Boar for most of the match and beat him into oblivion. Then he was beaten to oblivion against Grizzly. It nearly made me catch up with NXT just to see more of him. NEARLY.

To match the personality of Colt Cabana you need to be pretty good. He was brilliant. He didn’t just match the personality of Cabana though in his match against him at Total Chos but his in ring ability as well.

I’m pretty sure I’m always telling you how good he is. His match against Shelton Benjamin proved that this guy is talented. In a month that saw the Soul Society bulk up a bit with the addition of Charlie Garrett it was also the month that Sixx took a leap to make sure he didn’t just fade into the background of the team. With Keizers mouth, Garrett’s personality and Sixx gaining confidence in the ring with every match these guys could be a serious threat. Sixx is such a important part of that and I’m STILL not over how much I loved his match against Eddie Ryan in March. I STILL go on about it like it happened only yesterday. This either proves I need a life or proves he was very good.

Project Lucha / The Magnums (including Magnum Eddie Ryan) 

If I HAD done my picks for April then a match at PWA’s Anniversary show (the only wrestling show I went to in April anyway) a match against Martin Kirby and El Ligero would have been one of the matches of the night highlighted in this blog. As it was roll on a month later and Kirby and El Ligero were back together, this time for Chaos and as a tag team. Man did I love them working together as much as I loved them working apart. It shouldn’t have surprised us that they were a team as they did come out wearing matching colours.

This wasn’t just the first time I saw the Magnums together this was the moment that made my life. They turned Eddie Ryan into a Magnum. I don’t think I’ve loved something more in my life then this team. Seriously talented, ridiculously funny. I mean I’ve loved Chris Walker since the first time I saw him strut out to the ring so it didn’t surprise me at all that I loved his tag team partner and they are such a great tag team. Their match against House of Bones was great.

Scotty Essex vs Johnny Kidd / Ultimo Tiger vs Kotaru Suzuki / Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths vs Eddie Ryan / Bram vs Ultimo Tiger 

You will be hard pressed not to get teary eyed whilst watching this match, knowing it was going to be Kidd’s last match in Devon and especially whilst hearing Darren, Scotty, Johnny and the guy whose name slips my mind giving their speeches at the end of the match. It managed to be such a respectful match, have so much meaning thrown into it yet kept all off Scotty’s normal personality to his matches. Scotty is the bad guy you love to boo, even if you don’t boo him but cheer him loudly like I do its hard not to burst into laughter when he gets a water bottle shoved down his trousers (he did deserve it for being mean to Naomi.) Everything about the match was just perfect and a great send off for Kidd from Devon.

The match was way back at the beginning of May but it feels like it was a lifetime ago. I’ve watched it at least three or four times since on Prides YouTube channel (as you do) because its that good. I mean I can’t really tell you how good it was just go and look for yourself (and feel free to join the OMG TIGER IS THE BEST bandwagon as you do so…)

Everyone was really confused when we were told that Griffiths/Ryan was going on first, it made more sense when we thought about just how many big names were in Penzance (Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, Ultimo Dragon and Suzuki….) but this match was huge! And it lived up to our expectations. Ryan didn’t get the win but it was a war between two of the best Pride have to offer.There is going to be a re-match but that will never take away from just how amazing this match was. It opened their Pride & Glory show up with a bang.

Tiger having two matches nominated probably just shows what a good month he’s had and why he’s been nominated as wrestler of the month. What can I say? On the Saturday I was telling Dawn that I was worried he was going to be murdered the night after because Bram is just a asshole and will kill people for fun. How wrong was I? Like seriously it made me look at Tiger in a completely different light, the guy is actually pretty scary. Like he picked Bram up and threw him into a van. Loved the match.

Pride & Glory 3

Well we were a spot down and I’ve been to quite a lot this month so I thought I’d tell you my favourite of the month. Plymouth was a little disappointing, Teignmouth was a laugh and a half and I loved every moment of it, Chaos was something different but I had to leave half way through to get back to Bristol so its not really in the running for anything because I missed all the fun at the end.

Then the first show of the month.

Penzance is a difficult place to get to so once more big thanks to Karla for running a mini-bus down there for all us wrestling fans in Plymouth who wanted to go but had no way to get there. The trip down was great, the wrestling was out of this world and the trip back was super fun.

The night started with a spectacle of a championship match pitting Big Grizzly against Eddie Ryan. A real clash of titans that opened the show with a bang. It had all our favourites, some very special guests and ended with Scotty Essex having a apple spat in his face. It also had THAT match with Tiger in it. Organisation was brilliant, even when they started to run out of room for people the guys were always polite in asking others to move up to make space and did their best to accommodate everyone. Meet and Greet was ran to perfection. Every match was top draw, everyone that performed on the night brought more then their A game and it was just a fantastic night. The guys should be super proud of it because it was just a dream for any wrestling fan.


And that is it for May. As always it is a little bit Pride heavy, mainly because all my favourites are there and Plymouth was a little disappointing this time out. This month is going to be interesting as I’m going to see NXT so might be cruel and pit Pride (who have their One of a Kind show starring RVD at the end of the month) against NXT. THEN I won’t be called biased.

If you want to see who won then head over to the wrestling hub via the link at the top or the link on the sidebar.

Obviously people I haven’t mentioned who should be mentioned include Bram who is just perfect, Grizzly who is always awesome, Eddie who I’m failing as a fan by not even nominating him this month, Vixxen for being the backbone of the House of Bones, the House of Bones themselves for being awesome, the Soul Society for being even more awesome then them, Grayson Reeves because I like his new attitude, PJ Jones vs Charlie Garrett which was very funny but not much else was going on and obviously Johnny Kidd who was amazing in his final two matches down this end of the world.

I am also sorry that this blog might be a bit all over the place, very emotional evening for me and I’ve been working hard to get this done through a lot of tears. Hoping it reaches everyone else having a better time!

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