Kiznaiver : Happy Times Don’t Tend to Last Very Long

Episode 8

“Happy na Jikan tte Sousou Nagaku wa Tsuzukanai Mono da yo ne” (ハッピーな時間ってそうそう長くは続かないものだよね)

The experiment seems to be gaining steam and going to new places. Everyone seems happy that the team have been able to connect their emotions and connect them in such a way that even Maki has responded to them.

Where do they go now?

**For anyone that doesn’t follow my personal twitter account I’m doing a catch up of all the anime we’ve been following this season as Luc is busy and I have a free day. I’ll do my best!**

I don’t really know if it is a problem for Luc but for me I feel like this anime has a big problem, like a huge problem, with being coherent. I feel most of the time whilst watching the anime that I’ve missed something big. I’ll look away for two seconds and look back and its like a episodes worth of information has just been missed.

Hasn’t stopped me enjoying the series but it does leave me with anxiety over whether its just going over my head or whether its actually the story telling at fault.

There are some episodes that I really love and then others that feel like they are trying to explain three different concepts really badly. I think that is the problem. So much of the series tries to explain away a complex experiment that when they go to SHOW you what they mean usually its a very small part of the actual episode. Even when the action is ongoing the explanation for the experiment is in the background or else in flashes here and there that you could miss in a second.

The thing is that its all theoretical and therefore its hard to take in what they THINK is happening.

For me I think this series will be much more enjoyable the second time watching it, when you understand everything and just relax and pick up on the things you missed here and there.

So the episode in question?

It was about forcing positive emotions. So we know they are connected by their negative emotions and through pain, the experiment only figured out how to connect people by negative emotions which are stronger and cause pain. Instead of, again, letting the bonds grow naturally they want results so they put them in a building and try to force romantic links between couples.

This is where I hated the episode.

I got Maki and Yuta, they were obviously always going to be connected in that way even if it annoyed me a little bit. It didn’t surprise me that they started to connect to each other.

What made me sad was that they were explaining to Nori the other connections. Tenga apparently liked Chidori, Chidori obviously likes Katsuhira and Katsuhira obviously likes Nori. For me where the whole not joining the logic thing comes in was Tenga and Nico. Now maybe I’m just a big muppet or something but I have not once seen any real interest from Nico to Tenga. In fact she seems way too immature and childish to have a bond like that. If anything her bond seemed to strongly go towards Maki. Having Nico interested in Tenga meant that the experiment basically isolated Chidori. Putting Tenga and Nico together, and then having him “interested” in her purely because she was wearing wet clothes pissed me the hell off. Then we learn that Katsuhira and Nori share a past, it seems they were the original children that were experimented on and that might be how they lose their ability to feel so Nori is sent to share this with Katsuhira (was she sent or did she decide on her own? I can’t remember now) meaning Chidori was left on her own.

Of course you still have Hisomu who to me is a real loose cannon. I don’t think Hisomu as a character would work having a bond and it seems cruel to have Chidori, the only one that started with a proper bond to anyone, being left on her own. Then again I guess when his curiosity with Nori is over Katsuhira might turn back to Chidori but by that time I will probably be fed up of love stories in this anime.

That was the episode in a nut shell though.

At this point I personally think the whole experiment has been a failure. They haven’t been able to bond people naturally, making them act the way they want them to act and do what they want them to do. It hasn’t truly given anyone a real insight into the people they were bonded with its just made them spend more time together.

Hisomu is so underused though. He’s mainly there for the comic relief but this episode proved that he’s actually extremely intelligent. The way he was able to crawl under Maki’s skin and say how she really feels probably never actually needed him to be bonded. Though I do feel like he is purely there to be the weird one, masochists are real people and don’t deserve to be ridiculed and he was correct that not everyone needs to be traumatised in this world to be different or distant.He’s one of my favourites in this anime purely because he seems to be the one that looks at the world the way it actually is, the only problem is as I keep saying that he tends to be used as the butt of a joke rather then taking his insight into the world into consideration.

The story between Katsuhira and Nori never interested me anyway so the fact its going to be explored doesn’t interest me.

For me the experiment itself would have been interesting but they’ve tried to talk us into believing it instead of letting it run. I would have rather seen the group having to come to terms with it rather then see them forced to deal with each other and hating every moment of it…

Well hating every moment of it until their puppet masters decide its time they fell in love.


2 thoughts on “Kiznaiver : Happy Times Don’t Tend to Last Very Long”

  1. This would have been a better show if they hadn’t had constant explanations and forced scenarios. Admittedly, with the lack of ability any of these characters have at functioning in normal conditions it would be difficult to see how they would ever figure anything out if left to their own devices.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah there had to be a balance in the middle that would have worked better. There just is too much talking really, that is the main problem. Even when the experiment calls for action we’re constantly skipping from action to Nori and the others talking about what is happening. It makes it hard to watch at times and as I said makes me think I’ve missed giant leaps of logic the second I look away from the screen.

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