One Piece : 001 and 002

Chapter 828

We have learnt a lot about Big Mom, her stronghold and even met some of Sanji’s siblings. The manga marches on at full steam and as 000 and 004 introduced us to Sanji’s brother and sister I’m pretty sure we’re about to meet two more siblings.

The beginning of the chapter actually centred around Pudding and Luffy.

I still don’t really get Pudding, you have the basis of a explanation but I’m still pretty sure there is more then meets the eye when it comes to her.

We find out she actually is the 35th daughter out of 39 daughters and 46 sons as well as 43 husbands. She see’s her children’s marriages as bonds to grow her empire and her empire is basically one big family. Pudding herself seems to be all over the place, she acts all lovey-dovey over Sanji but also seems to be looking through the eyes of a romantic. She starts telling of a sister that went away to find love, as they are all resigned to being put into arranged marriages, but doesn’t go any further then just mentioning it. She recalls her encounter with Sanji who tells her that he’d love to marry her but can’t because he has to rejoin his friends and this is apparently what makes her help them but the thing is when we saw the “flashback” as it were we didn’t actually SEE Sanji.

She’s way too fast to help them.

She also spends way too much time telling us how much she likes Sanji.

When the guys get back to the ship Pekoms has gone and left a message telling them to turn back.

I think he found out, maybe he was caught and someone came to get him but I honestly think he knows that Pudding knows about them and is not who she see’s.

Which all means I’m going to be deadly disappointed that this extremely perfect girl is going to be perfect and lovely when she actually is being helpful. It just doesn’t add up for me though. You saw the last chapter when Big Mom was talking about the cake that everything looks like it comes out of Oz but underneath she’s actually a merciless, cold hearted bitch. This is once again proven by the fact she seems to have children purely so that her empire is full of strong marriages and blood ties. It would fit for her daughter on the outside to look all lovely and helpful but actually be just like her mum. I have a feeling Pedro, who kept warning the Straw Hats about her, is going to be right.

The end of the chapter kind of introduced 001 and 002. They seem MUCH more scary then the other two and as far as I can tell are two more brothers.

I wish the chapter had given us a bit more then that on the brothers but man did they look badass. And scary. Its the first time one of Sanjis family members looked scary, Β his sister was really cool and his other brother was a bit meh but these other two look the deal.

Hoping that sooner then later we’ll get to find out why Sanji left them because he had to have left them when he was really young, because we’ve seen him as a little kid working as a chef.

Again the chapters just make me more and more excited about One Piece these days which is why its sad that it looks like there will be no One Piece next week! I can’t live without my weekly dose of One Piece!


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