Mawaru Penguindrum : Our Crime & Punishment

Episode 13

“Boku to Kimi no Tsumi to Batsu” (僕と君の罪と罰)

Himari is once more dead…

Sanetoshi has the cure to save Himari. The two little brats for him really are the two rabbits from the story therefore Sanetoshi is the beautiful goddess. Obviously.

Funnily enough not a single real strange thing happens in the episode. Nothing at all. You know about Sanetoshi’s strange world and all the characters and their lives. Then why the hell was this the most difficult episodes to understand?

We get to see how Kanba and Shoma found out their parents were criminals and have it confirmed that their parents are on the run. Any more and you are still guessing.

It was really Sanetoshi’s big speech that lost me. I listened as best I could but I kept tuning out. He was talking about meeting someone and I’m pretty sure it was Momoka running around his library whilst he was talking but was he talking about meeting Momoka or was he talking to the spirit in the hat? Or are they the same thing? Or what?

The grand speech did nothing for me, I couldn’t even pay attention to it long enough to care about the fact that I didn’t get what was going on. By the time he’d finished there was something else about when things change they can never go back and then Sanetoshi phones Natsume to tell her where the other part of the diary is which brings you to the question of what the hell is Sanetoshi up to in the first place?

No don’t tell me, I’m sure I’ll get there. But boy does he enjoy talking in riddles!

What I did get and what I liked about the episode was Ringo talking to Tabuki about finding out that it was Shoma’s parents that were responsible for Momoka’s death. It was sweet because it was the first time that either of them really spoke about it together on screen and the first time that Ringo was able to be honest about it all. Not only that but it also was nice to hear that both of them feel a part of what happened yet disconnected from it. And again I love the fact that both are decent enough people that they don’t at all blame Shoma for the actions of his parents.

Why then a mystical goddess (sorry but Sanetoshi will forever be a goddess to me now) is blaming them for whatever it was that he is punishing them for I don’t know.

Again I can’t work out if it was Momoka that turned him down and he’s punishing them for their parents killing her and therefore sending her spirit to live through Himari’s eyes whilst watching what the brothers are doing or what.

You’d think you would be able to sum up a whole lot more by episode 13 but very obviously they want to keep you guessing till the very end.

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