Plymouth Wrestling Association : Fall Out

PWA’s Anniversary show was something else. Was it nine matches in one night? Championships changing hands, The Winner NOT Winning and Eddie Ryan being screwed out of the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

One hell of a anniversary show.

With a re-match on the cards and new faces to PWA it couldn’t really be named better.

Caine Industries vs The Bristol Boys
Winners : Caine Industries

After Tyler Hawke left Calum Caine and Josh Knott high and dry earlier in the year the two of them made a triumphant stand with their new Caine Industries at the Anniversary Show. This time Caine brought Baine along to help Knott in his match against the Bristol Boys.

It was a good opening match. I don’t think Baine and Knott worked well together and the match was much slower then usual when the Bristol Boys are involved. The moment when Baine walked out nearly worked but fell a bit short. It didn’t help that no matter how much they jeered Plymouth I don’t think anyone really cared.

The match was actually over a lot faster then I thought it would be, or at least it felt like it was over in a flash. One of the Bristol Boys didn’t even take his top off! Caine always makes his presence felt at ring side and I’m happy that didn’t change though it was sad we didn’t get to hear from him prior to the match itself as its always interesting to hear what he has to say. The Bristol Boys are a great team though and the amount of energy they put into everything is great, they still attacked with great energy and kept their tags coming in fast but were bogged under by the extra man at ringside.

Loved the ending with the ref being distracted and Caine cheating to get them the win, another good win for them as a team as well as a great way to actually win it too. Good opening match though we seem to be seeing the Bristol Boys lose a lot recently which is sad. They didn’t look half as cheerful as usual.


Grayson Reeves (c) vs John Harding
Winner : Grayson Reeves

So it might not have gone unnoticed that I didn’t like Grayson Reeves much when I first saw him but I really think being a complete ass suits him. Like honestly the attitude change is great and seeing him actually beat the living crap out of someone is much more interesting then seeing 100 ways that Grayson can be beaten up.

The match was pretty cool. Harding didn’t really use any weapons which I think bored my niece who cheered for Grayson purely because he kept using weapons. She’s obviously a bloodthirsty little thing. In fact she was so proud of being called scum by Grayson that she nearly forgot the disappointment of not getting to see Tyler.

Reeves has improved beyond words since the first time I saw him, or maybe its just the attitude change that makes it look that way. It was a great first defence for his title and he was doing well on his own.

The ending was a little too long for me but that might be my own fault for sitting right at the back. Jason King, now going by Jason Clarke, appeared from nowhere, as he does, to take out John Harding, as he does. Problem is you are so used to seeing Krieger just appear nearly straight after Jason that it was weird he didn’t this time it was made worse (again my own fault) because he was kind of stood watching right next to were I was sitting… Like he isn’t a hard person to see. It took too long for him to interfere so then felt weird when he did. In the end Reeves still won though and the way he was going you have to think he would have even without help.

I now NEED this to come to blows. I want to see Krieger/Harding vs Reeves/Clarke and then Reeves to go on to have a really strong run as the champion. Him and Clarke are like disgruntled teenagers and there is so much more Reeves could be doing he just needs to finish this fight with Harding and Krieger and move forward.

Plus I just want to see Krieger squish Jason into the floor. Come on.. He does deserve it!

With Hawke pulling out it should have been the main event, with Clarke also at LEP though (I think he main evented it) I guess it couldn’t be helped.


Nick Riley vs Robin Lekime
Winner : Nick Riley (DQ)

So I was a little disappointed with the match. I felt they didn’t really work well against each other. Lekime was like a brick wall against any attack that Nick might have thrown at him.

Thing is Lekime just had a reversal for everything and Nick was purely there to have the shit kicked out of him. Some really good moves from Nick, I was just as impressed as I was last weekend when I saw him for the first time, but it didn’t faze Lekime at all.

Problem might have been that it was a very one sided technical affair which came right after a very high energy no DQ match with two very colourful personalities. Both Lekime and Riley are great to watch but you kind of wanted more of Riley’s moves to actually make a impact and he was in some of the submissions for such a long time.

Is Lekime still with Caine? They didn’t really say, or if they did I didn’t hear, because if he is then it was a great result for them. Lekime got DQ’d for not breaking his hold when Riley got to the ropes, he then piledrived Riley and had to be chased from the ring by Garrett (who was a Magnum for the night I guess!) whilst four PWA staff tried to reason with him. He’s got himself a month ban (a little weird seeing their next show isn’t until the end of July!) for shoving Ed Dyer (how DARE he!) which along with the DQ just makes him look like the biggest threat in PWA and if he is still with Caine then not only do they have the money to keep their guys in check, a numbers advantage over EVERYONE in PWA but they have the most threatening member of the locker room on their side too.

I love Nick though, can’t wait to see him and Chris next month!


PJ Jones vs Charlie Garrett
Winner : PJ Jones


How I laughed. Have I not been saying recently how funny I find Garrett? He was everything he pretty much is with the Soul Society just… completely different at the same time and still so funny to watch. Do I even need to say how funny PJ Jones is?

I was so sad that him and the UK Dominator lost the titles last month and it was even sadder seeing them apart this time out but I soon forgot about it in what was a three man slapstick comedy outing really. EVERYTHING about the match was done for laughs and from the second both were in the ring till PJ got the win by poking Charlie in the eyes and rolling him up for the three count (the second he got of the night, restoring balance to the universe by WINNING over both Garrett AND Ed Dyer who I might add had badass socks on, I have sock envy.)

What to say about the match though? I remember small amounts of wrestling, I remember there was a lot of PJ being beaten up or just losing in a straight fight against Garrett, I remember Ed Dyer getting pinned and looking very confused. Then I remember PJ winning and me being very happy, my niece also put her hand over my mums mouth and refused to let her shout Loser at PJ because she knew he was my favourite!

Very funny match and I’m happy that PJ won even if he cheated.


 The UK Dominator vs Eddie Ryan
Winner : Eddie Ryan

The UK Dominator actually did just kick Eddie’s ass. He said he would. He spent a lot of time at the beginning of the night and before the match telling us he would. It was a number one contenders match for Tyler Hawke’s championship and the status quo didn’t change.

What needs to be said? Eddie and Dom are two amazing guys, it was great seeing Dom in a singles match actually for the first time in forever. I really missed the real rowdy load that usually come to the events because there was a lack of Right Said Fred chants.

It was a great match but the ending felt slightly rushed but happy Eddie stays as the number one contender. When he finally gets his match against Hawke it is going to be so worth it because Eddie is on fire at the moment (or at least he is when I see him) and Hawke is always great to watch. As much as I liked the match I couldn’t help but be majorly disappointed as we only really came to PWA this time out to see Eddie vs Tyler.

Still the speech beforehand was so funny, its scary actually being able to hear every single word that the UK Dominator says though, and the match was great though it was very much Eddie getting beaten up. I don’t even know where the superkick came from but it ended the match very abruptly.

Think it would have been better as the penultimate match with Reeves vs Harding main eventing but again that just couldn’t be helped.


Final Thoughts…

I think I’ve been spoilt recently because as much as I enjoyed the evening I felt there was something missing. Then again we also had to try and keep a 7 year old who was absolutely heartbroken at Tyler Hawke not being there from crying every time a match came on.

Never in my life have I seen a politer crowd, when the UK Dominator is being clapped coming out to tell us how much he hates us then you know there is a problem. Even people insulting Plymouth seemed to get more of a “well, yeah, we know” response then the boo-ing they were going for. Heck Grayson called my niece scum and she just looked proud as punch that he pointed at her. I think the most negative reaction was to PJ Jones but its so much fun to see him react to being called a Loser anyway.

One thing that stood out was it felt slightly rushed. Again this is just my opinion, I know I’m in a minority after talking about it all day with others on Facebook, but we left the show at 8:20 with a kind of “was that it?” feel. A few of the matches felt disjointed or over too quickly and on a night where I think PWA really wanted to shine because LEP had a show in their old home out at Stonehouse I think they missed that little bit of a spark that makes PWA what it is. I know a few guys worked both shows and it felt like they had a eye on the clock to get over to Stonehouse or looked tired from already being at Stonehouse. It can’t be helped though, these things do happen.

If anything I think PWA ramped up the friendliness of everything. All over there was smiling faces and it felt like they were enjoying themselves which is what they need to carry on with. You can’t really fault them on their energy or how hard they were trying because you can see how much the company means to all of the guys you interacted with. So I’m going to fully admit that I am a complete ass hole and did find the speech that Luke gave a tiny bit cringe-worthy and have since laughed about it a little bit BUT whilst my reaction is a ass hole reaction I point out each and every time that he actually bloody meant it and you need people with that passion. With their Crowdfunder (which we gave £70 to so it isn’t like I want to see them fail!) and everything else you see a bunch of guys that just want to keep wrestling going down here in Plymouth. They care, maybe it comes across badly to some people but its obvious if you look at them that they care a whole damn lot. I hold my hand up to being a ass hole, I’m also someone with problems with coming to terms with my own emotions so I really should be ashamed of myself when it was a very emotional night for all of them.

For me it didn’t work. I think the new venue has potential but so far they haven’t had that chemistry with the audience that the old Stonehouse lot used to have, one show was on during Easter weekend this one most of the rowdy guys had gone to LEP (I know, they all tried to convince me to go to LEP when we were at Pride last weekend) and they haven’t got the personalities in the crowd for the wrestlers to play off of. This will come obviously, one show with the right crowd will really set it on fire down there.

The general problem I seem to keep getting told about is no one ever really knows what is going on. Our taxi driver that picked us up after the anniversary show didn’t even know there was wrestling on in Plymouth ever. A volunteer at work who loves wrestling was shocked when I told her that PWA are in their 7th year. They need to really start getting their name out there because people just don’t know they are there and I know a lot of their regulars are growing distant from them and if they can’t reel them back in they need to expand to new fans. They have the talent to do so, hell they have Eddie Ryan and if you are a true fan of wrestling and watch a Eddie Ryan match and DON’T want to come back to see him again then there is something wrong with you, they just need to make their name stand tall. If people don’t know that there is a show then they aren’t going to go.

There is nothing holding PWA back from turning this into something special other then PWA themselves. Their team is great they just need to do more outside of the week leading up to their show.

I’m also extremely sorry if that comes across negative, I really want them to do well. I love having a selection of promotions to go to and the success of one should boost the others but, along with the speech, it just feels they are at war with each other and I’m not sure it’ll swing in PWA’s favour.

As always though give them a follow :

Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @PlymWrestling

My pictures came out terrible but I have a selection for you still.

Their next event is July 31st. Long time away. I will now go quiet as far as wrestling is concerned until June 26th for RVD in Taunton. Will have a post out when the Crowdfunder goodies arrive too!

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