Mayoiga : Hyoketsu in the Moonlight

Episode 9

“Gekka Hyōketsu” (月下氷結)

So when things look like they couldn’t get any weirder……..

They do.

This episode was possibly the one that really made me seriously confused. It was all over the place! We start were we left off, Hyoketsu tells Valkana that someone has told him to attack people so Valkana runs off after whomever that might be. Hyoketsu might have his name in the title but he’s knocked out at the beginning of the episode and that is it, him and Koharun are forgotten.

The driver drives himself, Hayato, Mitsumune and Masaki through the tunnel, when the others leave and  go out the other side the driver disappears. Masaki once more shows she’s been hiding something and shows the boys a message written for her, she becomes more and more suspicious as the seconds go by. It turns out there is another village on the other side of the tunnel, exactly like the one they left, and Masaki runs off from the two boys instead of goes with them.

We learn about Hayato’s past, which again is sad in its own way, but then have to come to terms, much like with Lovepon, for the strangeness that comes after. His mother and father are overbearing and use him like a puppet to make them look good in a neighbourhood too posh for them therefore Hayato has used Mitsumune as a puppet ever since. Mitsumune grows a backbone and leaves him but goes running after yet another person that to be honest he’s just hoping will use him.

Then Valkana shows up out of nowhere. We see the strange creature he is haunted by whilst Mitsumune dodges a “attack” by the penguin (which has shrunk) before FOLLOWING it. It left him alone, he’s terrified of it, yet he runs after it. He follows it into the fog just to wake up, leading me to believe the whole in a state of limbo thing being true.

Away from all that the girls reach the tunnel, Nanko wants Maimai to be a guinea pig for her theory but before her and Lion can force her into the tunnel they are attacked by Jack before Jack is attacked by, I’m guessing, Reiji.

Oh and Mikage pretty much admits that he finds everyone suspicious and doesn’t care if someone is innocent or not he just wants to kill everyone by the sound of him.

It was a bit crazy really.

Hayato joins the list of people with sad stories and strange reactions to them. Its a very small list on the other side of people with sad stories and NORMAL reactions. There is something completely unpleasant about every single one of the characters, Masaki does now look extremely guilty of something and I’m not sure why she’s keeping so many secrets after the witch hunt but I’m equally not so sure why I should care about Mitsumune who DOES just take her on her word because he has a crush on her.

Nothing was really answered more then we kind of guessed episodes ago.

The monster is different to everyone. Obviously you are in this place to fight your mental scars, when you do the monster stops attacking and you can move on. I’m guessing that is what happened to the bus driver and that is why he disappeared and I’m guessing that is what happened to Mitsumune.

It was the first episode I didn’t really enjoy because just so much was happening and a lot of it was hard to take in on its own let alone with all the other crazy things happening. It felt like two episodes worth of things stuffed into one. Also since about three episodes ago its kind of felt stuck in the same place with nothing actually  moving forward. There is still so much to explore that I feel like they are coming to a big point of the show faster then they should WHILST fully knowing we only have a handful of episodes left.

A lot of people are saying they feel this will be the big disappointment of the season and I’m starting to think they were right.


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