Bungo Stray Dogs : Teaching Them to Kill; Then to Die

Episode 8

Hito wo Koroshite Shine yo Tote (人を殺して死ねよとて)

Another episode focusing on Atsushi getting to know another member of the Agency, this time its the Doctor, Akiko.

This time he also doesn’t have Dazai with him…

At the beginning of the episode a strange girl comes out of nowhere and grabs hold of Dazai, he then disapppears but no one seems to care (the “he’s probably floating in another river” line made me laugh too much) and expects he’ll show up.

The Agency… Or at least Atsushi’s mind is taken off that when Junichirou shows up and Atsusuhi ends up with a crash course in learning to sense danger. Whilst out holding Akiko’s shopping for her, Atsushi walks past the girl from the beginning, getting himself distracted and causing a scene. Later on the tube back to base and just as Akiko warns him that the Port Mafia will do their best to kill him, the Port Mafia appears blowing up parts of the train. Whilst Akiko runs one way and comes up against a master assassin, Atsushi runs into the girl.

Her name is Kyouka, she’s killed 35 people and of course because it was love at first sight for Atsushi a girl LIKE HER couldn’t possibly be a master assassin like she is… And she isn’t, shockingly. The voice on the other side of the phone controls her ability so she has no choice in obeying, the bomb he’s looking for is strapped to her and even when he deactivates it it’ll go off, so she chucks herself off the train and Atsushi saves her.

The end shows Dazai a prisoner of the Port Mafia.

It was probably the first time I was truly disappointed with a part of this show. I just don’t see the point in it. I guess I’m not a romantic in any way shape or form. I would much prefer Kyouka having no interest in Atsushi at all and BEING a cold blooded killer, there is no fun in him just deciding that she couldn’t possibly be that person and then the character turning out to not be like that at all. In fact the only decent part of them two being together was the fight, their interactions besides that was just terrible to the extreme.

I mean there has to be something else going on with the girl. I’m hoping she’s a spy or something because I just don’t understand if a voice at the other end of a phone controls her ability why she doesn’t just chuck said phone and disappear? It is just odd.

What I’m probably trying to say is that it feels way too forced in there that there has to be a catch. Kyouka herself is so far not a interesting enough character to honestly care about but it seems we’ll be stuck with her.

Up to the end where she decided she didn’t want to kill anyone any more it was a OK episode, not the best but not the worst.


One thought on “Bungo Stray Dogs : Teaching Them to Kill; Then to Die”

  1. I just considered her disjointed personality par for the course with Bungo and felt that otherwise this episode moved nicely. Of course, her motivation makes as little sense as anybody else’s which is why the show as a whole has been feeling just a little flat since the opening which really made people pay attention but then gave us nothing to focus on.
    Thanks for your thoughts on this episode.

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