One Piece : Totland

Chapter 827

We are getting closer to a wedding and keep meeting new and interesting people. Entering a Yonko’s domain is actually a terrifying thing to be doing.

Welcome to Totland.

I didn’t know what to expect really but a town made of chocolate? That I was not expecting.

So we learn of Big Mom’s domain. Pekoms says she wants to make a utopia for allΒ species and she has a bunch of islands surrounding Whole Cake Island and they are all run by chancellors. This one is run by Chancellor Chocolate. You can eat all the chocolate you want except for the roof tiles. When the chocolate is about to expire they actually have demolition squads that EAT the buildings.


Of course it took Luffy and Chopper no time at all to get in trouble after eating a whole cafeΒ having not been around to hear the “rules” as it is. They were saved by the owner of the Β  cafe just so happpened to be….

Pudding herself!

Yes we get to meet Sanji’s betrothed before he even gets to meet her. She is so perfect for him too (at the moment) and has a love for making sweet things and gets giddy when people like what she makes. Like the honest to goodness perfect wife for Sanji.

Big Mom on the other hand looks like a wicked witch out of a fairy tale. She’s honestly dancing about singing about the cake they are making for the tea party whilst having people killed to get the perfect ingredients and all sorts. Like seriously scary person.

So Big Mom is starting to live up to her Yonko name and there looks to be a very interesting layer when it comes to her. Pekoms seems to believe the utopia thing, I don’t think at this point he’d keep anything from the crew after being left for dead by his own crew but I just don’t know. I can’t wait to see more of her.

This time out lets focus on Pudding.

I love Pudding and hate her and at the same time know that there could be a downside or bad side to her yet that we haven’t seen. She could be as crazy as Big Mom given time or she could be as sweet as she seems. We’ll have to wait and see.

Why I love her is because if there is any kind of woman I’d love to see Sanji fall for and would really believe he’d actually fall in love with it would be someone who loved food as much as him. Like her reaction to Luffy enjoying eating the chocolate she made, it was SOOO female Sanji.

Why I hate her is because I’d love for her to have not been Sanji’s type but have THAT personality and therefore Sanji learn that his obsession with outside beauty is pointless. I’m going to say it till I’m blue in the face, sure sometimes I laugh at his reaction to women and I 100% love the guy to pieces but at the same time its horrible the way he see’s women and at some point he needs to get a reality check. If he’d actually fallen in love with someone who wasn’t very obviously beautiful like Pudding then it would have been nice.

I don’t want Sanji to leave the crew, I don’t want him to get married but if anything I’d love him to marry someone with the personality of Pudding.

BUT at the same time I kinda want her to have a hidden evil.

Its a hard one.

If anything though this chapter reminds me just how good its been recently, after Dressrosa there was a lot of hanging about and muddled up stories which now that we’re through that we can go back and read without the babble in between. Now though its exploring a new island, meeting new people and building up a new threat which is what One Piece is so good at. Everything that happened at Zou and the whole adventure there in general just felt a bit meh in the end.

Luffy needs to realise that he’s in a Yonko’s back garden now and shouldn’t be shouting about being the next pirate king. I can’t wait to see how Pudding reacts to the news or indeed how the crew react if they find out that she’s marrying Sanji! I’m surprised it didn’t hit home that she’s getting married, then again I guess it probably wouldn’t in the long run but I’d be questioning anyone who is getting married whilst on a island to stop a marriage!

Such a great chapter.


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