Ultimo Tiger vs Sami Callihan Announced for Prides Return to Penzance

You might be fed up of me sharing stuff that Pro Wrestling Pride have announced in the last day or so but here is yet another brilliant announcement.

I kind of give it away in the title so I’ll just post the photo…

Tiger has faced so many big challenges this year and has taken them on head first, improving with every encounter and putting on insanely brilliant matches. He was our wrestler of the month for January and been in the running every month since. When Pride went to Penzance at the beginning of the month he had one of the best matches you’ll see all year against Kotaro Suzuki and it looks like after fighting with Kenny Omega and even TNA’s Bram in a Morrison’s car park he’s got yet another ridiculous mountain to climb.

Every defeat has made Tiger stronger and I have every faith in him being able to beat the Death Machine. Then again if he doesn’t it’ll just make him stronger again. Seriously Tiger always fights with so much heart. The guy is extremely talented, improves every single time he steps into the ring and is such a positive guy. He’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet but when he gets in that ring he kicks ass. Such a big fan of Tiger’s but you’ll see why when you buy a ticket to Penzance… Or Taunton…. Or Paignton… Or Plymouth… Or Tiverton for DWA this Saturday (he announced on his Facebook as I was writing this…) Or check out one of the links I post below. Its hard not to love this guy.

I don’t really need to tell you anything about Sami Callihan, everyone knows how great he is. This match is going to be huge.

If you’ve never seen Tiger you the chance to see his match against Suzuki on the Pride YouTube channel…

Kotaro Suzuki vs Ultimo Tiger

ORRR you could watch his match against Kenny Omega…

Kenny Omega vs Ultimo Tiger

In fact just go over there and watch their stuff because its awesome. All of it.

Tickets for Penzance can obviously be brought on their website…


ANNND because it took me a lifetime to write this I might as well tell you that they are selling a Ultimo Tiger signed print that you can also buy at their store…


You know you have a true friend when you moan about wanting it on Twitter and they go off and buy you one. Yes… I might not have £6 (£5 for the print and £1 for postage well worth it) but whining on Twitter got me one from the lovely Fiona. Come on… You should have guessed if I hadn’t got it right off the bat the second I got paid I’d be buying one.

That is truly it though, I have nothing else to add to it. Go buy tickets, get a signed print (because why not? Tiger is awesome.) Go watch some great wrestling and be happy.

2 thoughts on “Ultimo Tiger vs Sami Callihan Announced for Prides Return to Penzance”

  1. I have honestly just replied to your comment on the review of Teignmouth saying that I have never seen Tiger wrestle before. I should have checked this blog out first seeing you have links to his matches here!

    I won’t go and comment on all the posts but there have been some big announcements this week from them. Personally I love it! I don’t really do Facebook, even if I did I probably wouldn’t follow a company I couldn’t get to anyway, but either way I love seeing a fellow wrestling fan getting excited by their local company.

    Well if Tiger is half as good as you say he is then this match is going to be spectacular! Are you actually going to this one as I know you said that you weren’t 100% sure if the Penzance bus was going to happen again. Hell I’d be half tempted to drive you myself for this match alone!

    Of the other matches announced for the June show (and obviously this one too) who do you think is going to win? Specially the rematch between Eddie and Grizzly?

    Raven to Plymouth? Sure you are over the moon with that! Busy few months for them. Are you going to all the events?

    1. See, you should always just check what other rubbish I’ve posted before going ahead and saying something. The answer usually lies elsewhere on here.

      Thank you! I know Lucy likes seeing them pop up on Tumblr too, mainly I know this because she sends me detailed needs for photos. Did I tell you that she was really over happy with one of my Bram photos that she threatened to reach through the screen and kiss me?! I didn’t even know she liked Bram! I’ll probably calm it down a little soon but I quite like posting about it. Our main audience is here for our anime and manga stuff though so I probably should stop really.

      He is better then I say, trust me, you’ll know if you actually watched the links. This match has the potential to be the match of the year. Not that I’m biased or anything. I should be, after this match was announced Karla seemed to start messaging about to see if people wanted to go down on the minibus again, I told her I don’t mind paying a little more if we can’t fill the bus. At the end of the day I will crawl down to Penzance or sleep in the train station and wait for the earliest train back to Plymouth there if it means I get to see this match!

      Hmmmm. Well I think Eddie Ryan is going to win the title. Grizzly has been champ for a while and it was a close run thing in Penzance. I think Grizzly has more of a challenge on his hands then he’ll know. Plus with them coming back to Plymouth it would be great to have Eddie with the belt for September, he always gets a (deservedly) huge reaction when he walks out in Plymouth if he did so as champ the place will explode. Garrett vs Anderson is hard because it depends on whether its before or after the ladder match and whether the Soul Society are at full strength or whether there is anyone in the back who cares to help Anderson with them. I kind of want Garrett to win because it would be huge for the Soul Society as a whole but I really don’t know. As for this match my heart says Tiger but my head says Callihan. Then again I was really worried he’d be murdered by Bram and he won that match so maybe we’re on for a winning streak from Tiger? Bigger and better then ever! (The ladder match I want the Magnums to win, it wasn’t recently announced but I thought I’d add that. Plus Scotty has to win every match ever because its Scotty….)

      I’m defo going to Taunton, Paignton and Plymouth. Hopefully going to Penzance but waiting for Karla to confirm the minibus before I buy tickets. Its gonna be a mega few months. Unfortunately my personal circumstances are changing and there is a likelihood that I’m going to be getting a lot less money then I have been recently so last minute decisions like going to Teignmouth might not happen any more which is sad but I’m going to make the most of it when I can. Honestly even if I just spend every spare penny I have on getting to Pride shows I will. Since January they have just blown me away time and time again, I can’t sing their praises high enough they have been so good. I’ve been saying I don’t care how unpopular it makes me at work I don’t plan on missing any show I can physically get to. Plus my sister has already said when she passes her driving lessons she’ll take us to every show. Think how cool that would be? Even if I have to spend the day with my sister!

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