Mawaru Penguindrum : The Wheel That Spins Us Round

Episode 12

“Bokutachi o Meguru Wa” (僕たちを巡る輪)

So you thought Ringo’s story was sad?

How about we add in Shoma and his families story too?

Or Keiju and his story from that fateful day?

Such a action packed and emotional episode.

After Shoma tells Ringo about his parents, their part in the attack that killed Momoka on the day both him and Ringo were born, Himari once more dies as the power that Kanba gave to the spirit that possess her dwindles.

There is also a wonderfully animated story of Mary, her three lambs, two black rabbits and a goddess.

You see what made this all so much worse is that the story was told over Himari dying. It was a metaphor for what had happened to them and over the top of the story and the painful scenes of Himari dying you had quite cheerful and happy music which just unsettled you. I couldn’t watch the episode without tears. Even Himari’s Penguin disappeared.

“The punishment must be the most cruel.”

It was indeed.

Just as everyone felt like the end of their story had come Sanetoshi arrives. He’d already phoned Kanba at the beginning of the episode to warn him of what was happening and he shows up just as Himari dies, apple in hand.

I must of course fight back tears and talk about the episode.

It doesn’t really actually answer any questions. I get that Shoma seems to feel real bad for what his parents have done but he didn’t really make it that clear what it was they HAD done or why they had done it which I thought we’d get a bit of clue too. You might get fed up of hearing the word fate but it really is fate. Fate that it was Shoma’s parents involved in the accident that killed Ringo’s family. Fate that both Shoma and Ringo were born on the same day. Fate that they even know who each other are. Fate that they even get on. I’m starting to wonder if they wouldn’t be better off starting a war against Fate instead of running headlong into its arms all the time.

What the Penguindrum is still hasn’t been explained, why its needed seems to have something to do with Sanetoshi who has gone from random dream dude to possibly the key to all the crazy.

The story of Mary and her sheep was haunting and I haven’t been that taken out of something by a inner story quite like that since the Three Brothers animated scenes in the Harry Potter series. It was actually really Gothic and well animated and I kind of wish we’d seen more of that style up to this point. It fit right in with the general feel of the episode too.

You now have two people running around on the same errand so it makes me wonder just how many people are on this fateful hunt for a Penguindrum or even what it means in the long run. Why?

Is this actually punishment for what Shoma’s parents did? Is fate punishing them for the sins of their (still alive) parents? Is Sanetoshi the embodiment of the Goddess (well he is rather pretty!) because its very obvious (I mean it did have their faces on their bodies!) that the sheep represented Shoma, Himari and Kanba. But all this isn’t punishing their mother like taking Shemari from Mary punished Mary. Why do the children have to suffer for the sins of their parents?

And with that scary sentence I think we will end this for a week.

I’m worried about getting any kind of answer next week!


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