Kiznaiver : Nothing Good Comes From Being Around All of You

Episode 6

“Anta-tachi to Iru to Hontou ni Rokuna Koto ga Nai” (あんた達といるとほんっとにろくなことがない)

The experiment last episode seems to have succeeded in growing a bond strong enough between the main cast that they can feel the pain in each others hearts.

Now that they can’t hide their emotional pain we finally get to understand Maki a little more.

From watching it I’d gotten to the point where I had figured out when she said she’d killed someone it wasn’t as bad as she was making it out to be. Which is probably the wrong way to describe it.

It seems she and a friend created a manga story together and it got real popular. Her friend seemed to be ill and the story from what I can see was possibly a true life story. Her friend is the one that died, we’ve yet to find out how but we saw an attempt at suicide quite possibly during the episode.

Once more it seems that the Kizna guys want to force connections anyway possible so instead of getting them to bond normally they force Maki into a horrible situation, lie to her and make the others look like dicks in the process.

The manga that Maki wrote with her friend Ruru is being turned into a movie, or WILL be being turned into a movie as long as Ruru agrees to do a documentary about it, she obviously doesn’t want to but part of her torture at the hands of Noriko is being sent to the school with everyone under the pretence that she’ll be doing the documentary. The OTHERS have the job of saving her. Saving her meaning to threaten the film crew and give them a taste of their own medicine which was really nice until the fireworks goes off and Maki learns that actually they all were told to be there.

It shows a good weak spot in all this. The experiment is meant to make people closer and more understanding but forcing them because they need results means that they miss out on small moments. This moment was ruined because instead of letting it look like the guys came on their own accord to save Maki it became clear they were told to do so. Someone like Maki isn’t going to look any further for answers, they were told to save her and that is what they did, she won’t look for answers to why, they were told to in the experiment and they all know that Noriko isn’t past using pain to get them to jump to it. Obviously they want a more dramatic end to this personal story of Maki and this is opening the door they need but at the same time you feel like they are milking it a little. That should have been the moment it was hit on its head but it wasn’t.

If anything thought you can see that the experiment must have worked a little as the team are much closer now then ever. If they can bring Maki around then I think Yuta, who is the other one on the fringe, will come around too, he’s much too interested in Maki to focus on the group right now and if she’s part of the group he’ll fall in line soon enough.

Saying all that it was a good episode and the experiment itself is getting much more interesting.


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