Kiznaiver : A Battle Touching Upon the Identity of the Pain that’s Seven Times the Pain of One-Seventh of a Pain

Episode 7

“Nana-bun no Ichi no Itami no Sono Mata Nana Bai no Shoutai ni Fureru Tatakai” (七分の一の痛みのそのまた七倍の正体に触れる戦い)

We plow ahead with learning about Maki and why she feels so guilty over the death of her friend. Maki is honestly the first character the show has really pushed us into knowing so it’ll be interesting to see how this all ends.

Actually I take back most of what I said last blog. The build up to the end of this episode was perfect. It opened your eyes to the kind of person Maki really is and you understand the reason why she kept people at a distance. I still think that there might have been a easier way to have told that story and the attack on Yuta, which I will stand by and call an attack and if it was the other way around EVERYONE would see it that way, was completely unneeded but it ended up giving us a insight into a rather interesting character.

With that said I now wonder if she’ll actually end up a rather boring character.

Ruru had kidney disease and was always going to die. Her parents have made their home a bit of a shrine and Maki is haunted by Ruru because she “abandoned” her to make the last chapter of their story, Ruru’s personality seemed to be quite a quirky one so said that was fine and she’d write that the dying student would leave a letter to the teacher saying that she’d be cursed to love her forever so Maki being upset because she loved Ruru decided never to read the chapter.

Yuta who is by far the most intelligent character, or at least the person that can read others the best, reads the final chapter and forces Maki to read it too which is nothing like what Ruru said. Seemingly she didn’t see the conversation as a light hearted joke but the final chapter was actually a goodbye to Maki.

It worked but I still think parts of this story just didn’t fit together.

The real heart of it though was seeing the others group together to make Maki their friend. Understanding she was in pain and that she wouldn’t open up about it meant that they were able to go the extra mile with clues to whether they were doing it right or wrong. The saddest part was when they all realised that they didn’t actually have friends and even with them very obviously being friends now they don’t actually know how to make them.

It made sense that Maki would look at it logically but also in a kind way. There is no point being friends when they are stuck together like this because the bond between them all is stronger then any other bond, when said like that OK I get it that it sounds pretty clinical but watch the scene and you’ll understand its just Maki. Whilst different they all mean the same now and I think this was the last stepping stone before they all were on the same page.

Really liked the episode.

My fear for Maki is that she’ll now turn into a stereotype without any mystery behind her. I’m hoping she becomes warmer to the group but intelligent and slightly cold is Yuta and her mystery has turned to a sad story but it isn’t really something I’d say would make her interesting now we know about it. She needs to bring something else to the table now that she’s not mysterious, she can’t be a bitch in the way she was and she needs to be different from the others.

That is just a worry though. I’m very interested in seeing where it and Maki goes from here.


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