Pride Promotions : Teignmouth May 22nd

The final part of my birthday weekend saw a trip to Teignmouth to see Pride. I mean no weekend is complete without going to see them and all the weekends without a Pride show kinda end up being pretty boring.

After a eventful trek to Chaos the day before it was nice to not have a three hour travel distance to go see wrestling.

With Johnny Gargano and Bram on the card it was going to be a great night.

Winners : Eddie Ryan & The Magnums

OK so seriously. I love everyone in this match, I’d never seen Dick Riley before but I kind of guessed seeing I loved Chris Walker I’d love Riley too. The match had me in stitches. Eddie Ryan was transformed into a Magnum for the night (I said on Tiwtter that he evolved/devolved depending on what side of the line you are standing on) and I’m not sure if it was a good thing, a bad thing or just a funny thing that he fit right in. I have the video on my Facebook (here) if you want to see him transformed into a Magnum.

Loved Rich’s House of Bald chants.

The match was brilliant though, these guys are all great. Walker and the UK Dominator starting it off was perfect really. Dom’s reaction to Walker just had everyone laughing but man are House of Bones dangerous. Especially when you remember they have the mountain Lomaxx waiting to tag in.

The Magnums took a beating as House of Bones kept both Walker and Riley in their corner at different parts of the match, to be fair the Magnums and Ryan didn’t really get a long period in charge of the match but when they turned the tide they really kicked ass. Dick Riley was just a force to be reckoned with when he got going and for his height he was jumping around the place like a cruiser weight. They were a force of personality though and House of Bones were just driven off the energy of the crowd against them.

There was some great moments in there and the end was just non-stop action with all six guys coming in and out of the ring at a whim.

Both the Magnums and House of Bones (Lomaxx and Gideon) are in the four-way tag team match next month and I can’t wait to see these two teams battle it out more because they played off each other really well.

Then there is Eddie Ryan. Guy cleared up the ring on more then one occasion and was doing his cheerleader in the corner. Man did he do Magnum well.

After the match Vixxen got in the ring, why I don’t know but she did. Of all the opponents House of Bones have faced that she could get into the ring with why she got in there with the Magnums of all people is beyond me. It ended with her being manhandled around the ring and getting to know Walker a little more then she might have wanted to. Again though she was great on the outside, used really well in the match and other then it being baffling why she got into the ring in the first place it was just funny seeing her being picked up by Riley.

Winner : Scotty Essex

Before I talk about the match we had a great opportunity to talk to Johnny Kidd whilst sitting in the taxi office waiting for a taxi. He walked in about 5 minutes before our taxi arrived (we offered he could take ours but he let us go on ahead) and asked him about Mountevans Rules and he told us the history of it all. It was honestly so great sat there listening to him talk about it and everyone in the taxi office was just hanging off every word he was saying including the little old lady sat next to me and the woman that worked there.

Well it beat Britain’s Got Talent which was on the TV….

If Scotty didn’t win Pride had already announced that the Catch Division Title would be up for grabs in a tournament. As fun as a tournament sounded though I couldn’t help but want Scotty to win the cup back.

It was such a good match. You could feel the amount of respect each of them had for each other and each round was so different from the one before. It got the chance to showcase just about everything these two had. The great thing was that it was a serious match, it was edge of your seat viewing, but it also had its funny side. Scotty is a master of sulky face and reacted to everything brilliantly. In the breaks between rounds he did everything he could to get the crowd riled up, reacting to fans on the outside, throwing water at us all, being cruel to Naomi when she was handing him his water then he got the water bottle shoved down his pants…

The match was special because you knew you were seeing Kidd for the last time in Devon but they picked a great guy for him to go up against because Scotty got the whole crowd feeling like a part of the match whilst Kidd just showed off everything he had.

To win a Mountevans match you have to win two falls or get a knock out over five (apparently it is meant to be six) rounds. It went all five rounds as the first round ended at the 5 minute mark, Kidd won the second, Essex the third, the fourth went to 5 minutes and then the sixth was won by Essex. The sixth was when Scotty turned the speed up and just took it to Kidd with everything he had. After four breath taking rounds it was nice to see Essex pick up the speed and do what he does best.

Was great to see him win and like in Penzance after the match there was some lovely words by Darren, some great words from Kidd and a speech (I did tape it but haven’t uploaded it but can if anyone wants to see it) by Scotty that was just really lovely (and I found out he’s younger then me which made me feel old even though he’s only 26 and I’m 27… I still felt old.)

Great match and a wonderful feeling come the end.

Winner : Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths

So of all the Chaos show I actually got to see before leaving I did get to see Gargano vs Wild Boar which was a great match.

THIS was better.

Maybe because Grizzly is bigger then Gargano so it was a different dynamic but either way over the two nights I think Gargano stole the weekend. He just had kicks coming out of nowhere and they were vicious sounding kicks too.

For being so small Gargano didn’t just get beat up which was good. Grizzly had a fight on his hands and actually think it was my favourite Grizzly match so far.

The match was a great way to end the first part of the show and felt like a joint main event. Gargano is a little rocket, he can jump out nowhere at any point and take his opponents head off with his kicks. It was a lot different to the opponents we’ve seen Grizzly up against, or at least that I’ve seen him up against this year, and seeing him get to throw Gargano around was fun.

When they went out of the ring it was nice to see the ref give them time out there without counting them out, though Ed Dyer did on the Saturday take about 2 minutes to count from 5 to 6 in Gargano’s match against Wild Boar soooo…. Maybe we’re just running on different time to him.

After the match Grizzly went to attack Gargano with the belt just to be stopped by his opponent for June, Eddie Ryan. Ryan isn’t going to lose in June I’m telling you that, if he does I might actually cry this time. Dude has to win.

Winners : The Soul Society

I was sad that we didn’t get more words of wisdom from Keizer. I actually find what he says interesting. Then again with the problems with the microphone I doubt we’d have actually got much more then him being angry at the mic.

The Soul Society are actually pretty cool. The thing is all three of them are just really different from each other but they just kind of work. You can’t really take your eyes (or ears) off of Garrett because he’s always up to something. He’s great to listen to but is like the little ray of sunshine (cocky arrogant sunshine maybe, but still sunshine) in a group of gloominess. Keizer will be in his element leading them, since bringing in Sixx he’s actually been better then I’ve ever seen him. Then you have Sixx who the first time I saw him I said was amazingly talented and since then has just continued to impress me. I seriously could watch Sixx all night he’s so much fun.

To win the match you had to eliminate every member of the opposite team either by pin fall, submission or over the top rope. It wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be even though it spent a lot of the match with more then the two legal guys in the match.

Adam was the first guy out which was sad but he at least didn’t get beat up a lot, there was a lot of eliminations over the top rope which I think was great because it kept the action pretty fast which was needed because it was in between two really great matches. After Adam it was Keizer out then Danny who probably wins the award for best shocked face all night. When it was down to Andrews vs Kelly and Charlie it really got good. They just couldn’t put Andrews down, he threw them around the place as he does and just dominated them. He was able to eliminate Sixx (sad times) and you kind of thought that Garrett had no chance. Course the longer it went on the more you were waiting for Sixx or Keizer to reappear and they did. Once Sixx came down on his own then the leader of the Soul Society made another appearance and in the end the three of them were able to put Andrews out giving them a win that they really need.

With the win its cemented them as a force to be reckoned with in Pride and you can see them going a long way together. Keizer has his own gloomy kind of charm and Sixx and Garrett are guys you don’t want to miss when they are in the ring. Together they form a really unique group that on paper probably shouldn’t work but just do. The way they won was the important thing, they did it as a team which cemented that they ARE a team and not just a group of individuals, they used underhand shenanigans to win and beat not only THE Powerhouse of Pride but one of the most loved guys in Pride.

Winner : Ultimo Tiger

I have to say I did think Tiger was going to be murdered. I’ve seen Bram obviously on TV and he’s one grumpy big bugger and I was not looking forward to seeing him in a no-DQ match against Tiger. Not because I thought it would be a bad match of course but I didn’t want to see Tiger killed.

It didn’t happen like that at all. Tiger gave as good as he got and it was a proper street fight. Like it wasn’t a wrestling match it was a fight.

Loved Bram though, he was fighting (verbally) the crowd as much as he was fighting Tiger and you might not have been able to SEE what they were doing but Bram and Tiger made sure that we all could HEAR what they were doing. It didn’t spend much time in the ring, obviously, and even when it DID go in the ring Bram got bored and needed another drink so would throw Tiger back out so he could get a drink.

Then it went outside. I’m happy I followed it because I wasn’t planning on following it at first because it was fun. They made their way all the way across the car park to the Morrisons on the other side before heading back inside. I could hardly see a thing but who cared?!

At the end of that they did then actually wrestle for a bit in the ring which seeing they’d been throwing each other across the merchandise desk, into vans, Tiger ended up with a chair around his neck and had thrown each other into the wall a few times was pretty impressive.

It really was a match of two halves and ended up with Tiger having to put Bram through a table to put him down.

So happy Tiger got the win, after some absolute stunning matches recently it was great to see him stand toe to toe with someone completely different in style and build and just kick ass. It shows how versatile Tiger is and also shows just how much he takes away from all his matches. Every single match is something new and different with Tiger and every challenger from Kenny Omega and Kotaru Suzuki to a monster like Bram is met with a unbelievable amount of heart.

I really loved watching Bram though. Man do I love Bram.

Well deserved victory for Tiger. Ended the night off perfectly.


Sometime between the final match ending and lining up for the Meet and Greet my anxiety started to play up. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I get migraines (very easily) when I put my sunglasses on when it isn’t bright I would have been wandering around with my sunglasses on, instead I just tried to hide in my hoodie which didn’t actually do anything to help and just made me look stupid.

I actually got to meet Keizer for a change and DIDN’T have someone pushing me away from him so it looked like I was ignoring him. He was sat away from the others so when we were waiting in the line me and Karla went over so I could get his autograph.He is seriously a interesting person to talk to. We have someone at work who fails miserably at telling jokes and we’ve told him its because he doesn’t have the charisma to carry a joke (especially ones that last for 5 minutes) Keizer is the exact opposite in that you don’t actually have to say anything important to him or him say anything important to you for you to be quiet and listen to him. Thank you to Karla for taking our photo too.

I did actually make my mind up that I wasn’t going to ask anyone for a photo (Keizer was different, I don’t have a photo with him) before the event. That failed miserably the moment Scotty brought out Swampy Essex. After taking a photo of the Essex Supporting Lizard Squad I needed my own photo with him of course.

Plus I can’t help asking for a photo with Tiger. Funnily I was talking to Dawn at Chaos, returned to my seat to find a tweet about Tiger seeing me in my Tiger t-shirt at Chaos which led to me picking a random person in the crowd at Chaos and determining that that is now Tiger without his mask. I was therefore surprised that Tiger seemed to lose a lot of weight overnight and stopped dribbling on himself. Good on him.

Lastly I was told all night by random people that Bram was a ass hole and for a split second I would have to agree with them. Everyone else had ignored my strange decision to hide inside my hoodie but he was making a joke about it and when I told him it was my anxiety he was actually really sweet and then agreed to have a photo with me. Me and him have something in common, the fact we hide behind big sunglasses. Though the pink headband isn’t really my thing, I try to hide in hoodies which doesn’t work. In his own way he calmed me down hell of a lot. No words to describe how much I appreciated that as he didn’t need to go out of his way to do it.


I had a great time, a real great time. This was kind of like my birthday present to myself and it was well worth it. We went up with Karla and Richie who had won tickets to the show and ended up sat with a whole bunch of people from Plymouth which just made the night even more fun.

Do I need to tell you that every single match was so good? The regular Pride guys were as great as always. The Magnums/Ryan stuff was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen, in a strange way Eddie really fit in with them too. My mum got her hands on Dick Riley which kept her happy. The Mountevans match was a spectacle, some absolutely wonderful wrestling but also some great humour and a truck load of respect. Such a great final match here in Devon for Kidd. Grizzly vs Gargano was kind of a foreshadowing of what was coming in the MAIN main event, Seriously love Gargano but was happy Grizzly won. The elimination tag team match was stuck in a hard place between a great singles match and the main event that everyone was looking forward to but didn’t disappoint at all. Then there was the main event which was just… Wow. Seeing Bram live for the first time was great but seeing Tiger win was even better.

If I had to pick a match as the best of the night I don’t think I really could. It would come down to the Mountevans match and the main event which is not going to surprise anyone seeing I tend to always choose matches featuring either Essex or Tiger.

Then again I think Gargano stole the show when he was on, he did from the little that I saw of Chaos the night before.

Plus it was the first time I’d seen Dick Riley and I LOVED him. The Magnums were great. My life has changed for the better after finally seeing the Magnums.

Its been a while now since I haven’t enjoyed every single match on a Pride card and that didn’t change at all, unlike PWA where they can mismatch people which leaves you with confusing match ups that bore the pants off of people Pride seem to get the balance and booking right. In fact off the top of my head the last time I had anything actually negative to say about Pride was January and even then it wasn’t really that negative. Even when things go wrong like the microphone that just hated Darren or the banner that kept falling down during the raffle the guys don’t get flustered and just carry on with good humour which is what you need. Everything about the shows recently have just radiated in positive energy which is great. Even smaller shows like this one manage to better the show before them.

I think going to Chaos the night before made me appreciate Pride a lot more. Chaos was just a amazing experience but Pride does the West-Country really proud and we’re lucky to have them down here. Plus they really are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet which makes it an even better experience.

And they have Tiger who always ALWAYS gives the performance of the night.

I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun travelling then I did both on the journey up and down. The train journey down was just crazy and I’m not sure I’m able to post much of what we talked about on here without having someone aggressively e-mail me to complain that I’m being inappropriate….

Thing is if you don’t have anxiety you don’t know how hard it is. For a start its like someone has grabbed your tracheae in their fist. The absolute pain you feel in your chest is enough to make you cry. Then when you add in paranoia which obviously comes hand in hand with anxiety and suddenly you are fully aware of the fact everyone can see you can’t breath properly, that you’ve probably gone white as a sheet, that you look like a moron trying to cope which makes it worse. Its one of the most painful feelings you’ll ever get and is hard to shake because when its set off randomly you can’t explain to yourself what happened to upset you in the first place to set it right.

Getting to spend time with people like Karla, Rich and Ness who just didn’t treat me any differently and didn’t push me to one side (people do that thinking its the best thing for you, it isn’t) but engaged me in the conversation and made me laugh meant that anxiety didn’t spoil a great night. It was there, it was painful but I won’t remember the night for it. I said to Dawn at Chaos (or Facebook afterwards) that I don’t have many friends because of my anxiety so it means a lot when people are just nice to me, it sounds goofy but being alone tends to come with anxiety as well at times. It was honestly the greatest hour or so I’ve had in years. So thank you to all of you.

The kebab was great!

I loved the evening, it was seriously just great from the moment we got to the train station in Plymouth to the minute we got home. The wrestling was great, the wrestlers were on more then top form, I’ve never laughed more, got to walk around a car park and meet new and brilliant people.

Next time we’re going to Pride is for RVD next month in Taunton. June 26th it’ll be RVD vs Scotty Essex. Eddie Ryan vs Big Grizzly for the championship (and this time Eddie WILL win!) Also a four way tag team ladder match. It is going to be absolutely awesome. Pro Wrestling Pride is ALWAYS awesome.

Go follow them….

Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :
RVD Event Page :

You will probably see us talk more about Pride in the future then we usually do, only because I like to let you know how excited I am about just about EVERYTHING they announce. For this purpose I have created two different sections. PWP Reviews and PWP Announcements which branch off in the Wrestling tab.

If you can get to Taunton then why the hell wouldn’t you be going to the RVD show? I mean before anything else you’ll get to see RVD live…. Why wouldn’t you be going?

For me the next wrestling show is something or the other next Sunday. I’m in half a mind to go to LEP at Stonehouse over PWA in Red House. I’ll probably end up going to PWA with my niece but I still haven’t brought a ticket to either so there will be some wrestling next week but not sure which one just yet.

After that I think it’ll be RVD next up.

For more photos follow me on Instagram (I managed to spam like 80 odd photos last time over three or four days) and/or obviously Twitter where I share the Instagram photos. Plus as always your photo spam is below.

Can’t say thank you enough to Pride for putting on a great show. It doesn’t matter how big or small the audience is they always put in more effort then you could possibly imagine and always give you a night to remember.

Plus props to Darren who once again was awesome. Even more then last time because he had to basically shout his announcements because of the mics hating him.



4 thoughts on “Pride Promotions : Teignmouth May 22nd”

  1. Sounds like a night you’ll remember for a good long while.

    Was there actually no reason for Vixxen to get in the ring? How has she been recently anyway you haven’t properly mentioned what she’s been doing at ringside in the last few blogs.

    So you have two factions in House of Bones and the Soul Society. It seems you prefer the Soul Society, any more reasons why? Do you think those two could go up against each other at some point?

    Well you’ve been banned from picking 6-man or over tag matches as match of the night maybe the next step is banning anything involving Tiger and Scotty?

    Why did you prefer Gargano vs Grizzly? Is it just because your more used to Grizzly or because it was just a better match?

    I’ve heard that Bram can be a ass hole at times but I’ve also always been under the impression a lot of the time people think he’s being a ass hole he’s doing it on purpose anyway. Happy you had a good experience meeting him.

    Has Eddie really fallen so low that you didn’t even ask him for a photo this time? I’m shocked! I saw the video of him as a Magnum that was some seriously funny stuff!

    Tiger vs Bram… How did it hold up to his other big fights this year?

    It was nice meeting you on Saturday by the way. Hope you felt better after all the travelling.

    1. No not really. Probably would have been better for her to get in the ring during the match then again I didn’t see what she was doing prior but she didn’t go in with any kind of confidence like she should have. You can’t half ass it really, she even looked like it was a mistake whilst GETTING in the ring. She should have looked like she was gonna be fine like she usually does. As I said I didn’t see if someone on the team sent her or she went on her own steam as I was watching The Magnums and Ryan celebrating.

      She’s really great at ringside even when she doesn’t get involved you feel like her being there helps in the way a valet should. She is always whispering away and arguing with fans on the outside. Like her getting in the ring would have made more sense just before the end of the match, it wasn’t a bad thing just confusing.

      I like Keizer. They have a purpose. It’s hard to explain. They LOOK more like three random guys thrown together to have a group but because Keizer months off all the time they have a purpose and a reason to be together. On the other hand House of Bones look like a team but really are just a group of big angry looking dudes fighting together.

      I doubt it. They’d work together maybe, there is no stable full of good guys so maybe at some point they’ll fight for dominance if either start to look dominant but they make up the majority of the assholes in Pride so it would make little sense to fight each other.

      Haha that wouldn’t leave me with much else! Seriously though Tiger is on fire this year. Guy just ups his game all the time. I honestly did think he was going to be murdered by Bram but he actually looked pretty good up against him. Think it helps that he looks like he’s bulking up a little, first time I saw him he looked pretty scrawny but up against Bram you wouldn’t use the word scrawny at all. As for the Essex match it was just something different and it obviously meant a lot to Scotty and Johnny so it was special. If you take them away match of the night by default would be Grizzly vs Gargano…

      Nah I’m going to go against the grain of popular opinion it seems and admit I just didn’t like Wild Boar much! The match was great but that was mainly down to Gargano and I had no actual idea who the guy was till he walked out in Chaos.

      Haha he had stuff on his lap and my anxiety was playing up. I wasn’t going to ask anyone but Scotty wanted a Swampy photo and then I wanted a Scotty one and when I got to Tiger I bite my tongue till the last second then realised I’d hate myself if I didn’t get one. I just love Tiger….

      Better then Omega not as good as Suzuki.

      Cheers mate! The travelling wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I fell asleep on the coach back to Plymouth and was a bit dopey because I didn’t know where I was! Sunday was fine though but I think that had a lot to do with the company. You need to come down some other time!

      1. I see what you mean though there could have been a reason and it just didn’t play out well. I always see you praise her but it just seems like she doesn’t do anything recently.

        Does Keizer usually give speeches before his matches? I liked the one that you filmed and put online are you planning on filming any others he does?

        I have noticed that you tend to have a lot of praise for Tiger and Scotty. Do you think having positive interactions with them at meet and greets also comes into it?

        I didn’t like Wild Boar much. You aren’t the only one, would be interested in seeing the match between Grizzly and Gargano as I really liked Gargano.

        I think the only thing I heard from you the whole time I was with you on Saturday was “I love Tiger, Tiger is the best…” I’m a fan of his and never seen him wrestle before just because you’ve built him up so much. Is there a reason you weren’t going to get your photos taken with them?

        I did get the message on Tumblr saying you aren’t sure where you are! What time did you gget backk to Plymouth?

        1. She does what a valet needs to do. She’s great at ring side and gets involved as much as needs be but she’s really there like a mastermind and she plays that well. Plus she’s always arguing with the audience which keeps the heat on the team. I guess its just easy to forget to tell you what is happening at ringside when talking about what is happening in the ring at the same time. There are loads of times I’ve finished writing a blog, publish it then realise there was something else I could add but forgot to.

          The vast majority of his matches has a speech before them yeah. I plan on taping them when he gives them yeah, whether I share them or just keep them because I enjoy listening to them is another matter!

          No I don’t think that is the case, if anything I have a more positive interaction with them because I’m a fan of theirs. I mean sure I have positive interaction with Scotty, after Fiona Swampy’d him in Newton it was kind of like a ice breaker for my anxiety and I find myself able to actually talk to him when he talks to me. I wouldn’t say I have a positive interaction with anyone else because I tend to be just really nervous and smile at them or give one word answers back. My positive interactions with Tiger have all been on Twitter, I don’t think I’ve said more then a few words to him in real life and it’ll stay that way forever because I get very nervous around him (and Eddie Ryan) because I am a huge fan of theirs.

          Don’t even get me started whenever I’m anywhere near Vixxen! I think Vixxen and Tiger manage to make me shake with fear when I’m around them.

          Yeah it was a great match. You missed out. Shame on you.

          OK so that is a horrible lie I’ll have anyone who reads his comments know I did NOT talk about Tiger all day.

          I wasn’t going to ask because I’ve had my photo taken with all of them about twice now so there is no real need to have it taken again. The reason I like photos as I’ve said before is its a visual anchor with my depression, if I can see something that made me happy then I can anchor myself to that emotion, but my paranoia plays up with it now and instead of being excited I kind of think I’ll get annoying so don’t want to annoy anyone. Its just how paranoid anxiety works. I’ve been told I’m a idiot but I can’t help it. So yeah, probably no more photos of me and Tiger for a while.

          We got back to Plymouth sometime during 2am? I think? I could hardly walk from the bus station to the taxi and the taxi to the house I was absolutely shattered! The falcon bus isn’t too bad though and it was pretty empty so I got two chairs to myself and got to lie around and relax. But yeah 2am.

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