Mayoiga : Visit Nanaki Before Doubting Masaki

Episode 8

The most uncomfortable episode so far this season saw the group join forces in a giant witch hunt, making excuse after excuse to was away their guilt at what they were doing to Masaki. It was disturbing but unfortunately seems to be something of human nature.

She promises to tell them the truth so we’ll be one step closer hopefully to finding out the truth.

Her big secret was that she’d been there before. She apparently found the village with her cousin Reiji. He saw a monster and saved Masaki by throwing her down a cliff but she didn’t see or hear anything.

Maybe that is why she’s so glib about Mitsumune’s monster.

For a bunch of people who act like they are smarter then anyone else they haven’t seemed to grasp the fact that being forced to tell your story under the stresses of being threatened with execution isn’t getting anyone anywhere. For the record I believe Masaki, she doesn’t really have much of a reason to lie even if I did jump to the conclusion beforehand that she could be bringing people to the village to feed them to some kind of force that lives there. Maybe she is dead and just doesn’t know it? The bit about living in a village close by using her own name was the only part of the story I didn’t really believe, her village didn’t seem to be that far from Nanaki anyway so surely news of a girl going missing would reach wherever it was she was.

So what did we get?

It can’t be THAT well hidden because Reiji was able to find it via a bunch of landmarks that he seemed to know about meaning that someone somewhere IS luring people to the village or at least there is enough information out there to find the village easily.

It IS “attacking” by using, what Nanko called, psychological scars. If you don’t have one then there is the possibility that you can escape.

There is the idea that there is more then one village.

In other words we learnt nothing much. At this point though the group seemed much more interested in killing her then hearing her out. They added their own context on top of things again to make excuses for their own behaviour. Later on even Koharun hints that it seems to be their thing to suspect someone and not listen to any reason. She points out that she was the one under suspicion first and in a way at some point they could turn back on her as she could be seen as using Masaki as her scapegoat.

Masaki only survives because the bus driver comes driving into the middle of the fight and kidnaps her and Mitsumune whilst Hayato gets stuck in the bus doors and goes along for the ride. The bus driver isn’t actually as scary, yet, as the others. He’s still obviously suffering from the grief of seeing his daughter again and seems to have missed everything Masaki said about not being a ghost and just wants her to take him to his daughter. If anything their party wants to be more worried about Hayato who is getting more and more jealous of the attention Mitsumune is giving to Masaki. He was the one, well the other one because Lovepon would kill them all, that had no qualms over not just attacking Masaki in the first place but finishing the job off after he saw her bleeding therefore bringing doubt to his belief that she’s a ghost and it won’t harm her because she’s already dead. For me Hayato has joined a group with Mikage and Daahara. Mikage has his mind set on it being someone’s fault and has picked the easiest target with the belief that even if he is wrong at least he looks like he’s done something. Daahara has had some ugly moments with Valkana and Koharun similar to the moments that Hayato has had with Mitsumune. I can honestly see Daahara acting the same towards Valkana as Hayato did to Masaki.

There was a interesting group formed of Lion, Nanko and Maimai.

Nanko really is a interesting one, of all the people in the group, obviously because she wants to be a detective, she’s the only one really listening to everything being said and trying to figure it out. It was highlighted a couple times that when she deduces things she rubs something in her top which makes me think that there is going to be some kind of sad story behind her wanting to be a detective OR I’m just reading too much into it.

The thing that annoyed me with Maimai was that she was talking about how uncomfortable she was with the witch hunt because it reminded her of what she went through when everyone ganged up on her but she made things worse for Masaki in the last episode when she should have been the one defending her. Why would you think people would defend you if you won’t defend others against the same thing?

Whilst I don’t like her much I have to say their little group is probably going to be the one that figures out what is going on and walks out of the village with Mitsumune and Masaki.

The only other thing we saw this episode was the return of Hyoketsu who seems completely beside himself with fear and is attacking Valkana and Koharun with arrows. Hopefully we’ll get a little more sense out of him then we did with Masaki, then again they probably won’t try to kill him.

I will admit to being fully lost now but I’ll try to come up with something new and add it to the theories blog.


2 thoughts on “Mayoiga : Visit Nanaki Before Doubting Masaki”

  1. Its just going to be something supernatural isn’t it? Like a pocket universe and you can only escape by beating the “demon” that holds it a bit like in Dragon Age when you get sucked in by the Sloth Demon and have to defeat his generals before defeating him?

    Sounds much more like a deity or something that is using your worst fears to scare you to death.

    I have a feeling the ending of this might be rather disappointing.

    1. Yeah I’m getting the feeling the end will be a disappointment.

      Its swinging more to being a supernatural bubbly universe of some sort, especially if there are many different ones. It closes and opens to a new one. I’m struggling to come up with anyone to be honest.

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