No activity this weekend…

Hi guys!

We are going to have some blank days ahead of us, we don’t like doing it and there were way too many in April but unfortunately we know we will probably not be around this weekend.

As you might have noticed Anna has basically been running the page the last week on her own which we’re grateful for! She’s going to Yate and Teignmouth over the weekend and whilst you’ll get to hear about that on Monday and Tuesday (keep checking out her Twitter feed and Instagram over the weekend too) it means she’ll be traveling a lot and not in any position to post.

Happy birthday to Anna today by the way! She turned 27. Our little Banana is all grown up.

Everyone else obviously has not been around full stop and that isn’t going to change.

We are starting to let ourselves down so next week we are going to re-motivate ourselves to pick it back up and start moving forward again.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



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