One Piece : 000 and 004

Chapter 826

The last chapter left us with the exciting cliffhanger that we’re finally going to meet one of Sanji’s siblings.

So what are they like?

I think due to translation issues, or maybe me just being me, I’m getting a bit confused with all the Vinsmoke stuff.

Like Brook has always been a bit scared of them and someone mentioned that they killed someone or were assassins or something like that. I never really got to the bottom of the translation argument back then so the whole Germa stuff really confused me. One minute we’re being told its all a story made up for a comic strip THEN we’re being told that its actually a well known tyrannical family… I’m just a little confused on it all.

At some point I think I need to sit down and actually try and put it all together in my head.

Our first look at Yonji and Reige?

I’m guessing 000 and 004 are kind of like James Bond 007 which would make Reige the eldest (she calls Yonji her baby brother and if it is numbering of the kids then that would make her 000) whilst it possibly makes Yonji the youngest (I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Sanji was the third son or something? Would make sense then again this is all guessing anyway.)

Yonji and Reige both look pretty much identical to Sanji apart from the hair, and Reige being female of course, and personally I think they both have pretty similar personalities. Sanji has got a bit of a grumpy side to him from time to time it just so happens he’s with friends so he tends to be nice to them (maybe not always Zoro) whereas with strangers he can be a little meaner, not with food but that was due to personal experiences, but in general. Reige had the flirty air and did help out but again there was just something about the way she did it which screamed Sanji.

My biggest disappointment was the reaction to Nami that Yonji had. I’ve said before its one of the things that disappoint me most with Sanji himself so its just a tad annoying that it seems to run in the family. I really do hope that something happens for it to kind of be flushed out of Sanji’s system in this story because it just isn’t a nice thingΒ for him to have and Sanji’s has gotten a lot worse, in fact in a way because he was a excellent chef anyway in story the only difference between Sanji now and then was his intolerance and the fact that he’s even WORSE around women then before.

I feel its time it gets left in the past, the thing is with it seemingly a family trait I doubt that is going to happen.

Reige was cool though, she’s obviously a Devil Fruit user as she was able to suck the poison out of Luffy which was super cool and obviously saved Luffy.

Loved the chapter though and it will be interesting to see the Vinsmoke’s together with Big Mom because Reige and Yonji didn’t seem particularly interested in all this. I also just can’t wait to see them two and Sanji interact! That is going to be wonderful.

Can’t wait to see more of the Vinsmokes.


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