Mawaru Penguindrum : You Have Finally Realized it

Episode 11

“Yōyaku Kimi wa Kigatsuita no sa” (ようやく君は気がついたのさ)

With Shoma safe its time for Kanba to get to the bottom of his own mystery and Ringo to move on with her life.

We’ll start with Kanba shall we?

Who knows what really is going on with all these people needing the Penguindrum but he isn’t impressed with Natsume and her desires at all. When he meets Mario it looks like he realises she’s in a similar positon as him and leaves it, little does he know that she actually only has one half of the diary. One half is still with someone else.

Shoma is a bit of a moron. I know Shoma loves Himari and would do anything for her but the way he spoke to Ringo is horrible. It makes his “you are you” speech a bit meaningless after being so cruel. Ringo gave away the diary to save his life and he calls her a idiot. Then instead of really trying to make her see sense he leaves her to carry on Project M.

Yes, yes she’s back to stalking Tabuki, this time by making a love potion. Again.

Once more Ringo’s story goes really weird but this time she manages to make Tabuki fall in love with her. Which I guess is just as crazy as anything else that has happened in the story. This whole love story got even creepier when he finally does feel the way she wants him too. Him carrying her to bed was possibly the creepiest part of it all because its the first time you really realise just how small and young she looks compared to him.

It takes for it to happen for her to finally realise it isn’t what she wanted. I kind of hoped that it was going to be Shoma getting hurt that made her realise it but then again it might have been Shoma’s reaction to her in the train that really messed her up this time.

I’m real happy that by the end of the episode, even if it had to retun to the really messed up stuff, she’d come to terms with her life being her own life and her caring for Shoma. That was the best part of the episode I guess. He doesn’t really deserve that though, I mean again I understand that his whole being is working to save his little sister but he’s had a vulnerable person in his care for a while now and he hasn’t bothered to open himself to her which has meant he’s been helping her in something that mentally was killing her.

Now she gets a chance to tell possessed Himari and Shoma the truth about her sister dying the day she was born and how she feels she’s the reincarnation of her sister which is just even sadder.

This is only going to get sadder.


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