NEW Pride Poster and Superstar Announcement

There is actually more then one reason to this blog…. Mainly the reason why I haven’t just done Lucius’s blogs for him tonight.

To start with Pro Wrestling Pride kinda announced last night that we lucky people going to their July 10th show are going to get to see Hornswoggle, something confirmed this evening with their new event poster for Heroes and Legends.

I am pretty much in love with the poster as you might have read on my Twitter feed earlier. The show itself is gonna be massive with Scotty Essex vs Scotty 2 Hotty and matches still needing to be announced for all the other Pride favourites and staring… Well a whole host of people as you can see.

Already have my tickets for the event. The month before they have their big RVD show and you had to wonder how they’d top that but they are obviously bloody well trying to do so.

So go grab your tickets :Β,_Paignton_-_Sunday_July_10th.html

Under the tag is something only neat freaks, lazy people and my fan boy will be interested in (still Pride related but site news of sorts too…)

Everyone else just go buy tickets and figure out how to get to the show. You ain’t going to wanna miss it.

Just quickly I have finally done something that all the other admin and James have told me to do about 100 times now and actually got around to making a page specifically for Pride. Its got much more information on there and is just generally different from the PWA one. Also because they just have more going on, release more posters and stuff, and I just like talking about them a whole lot more then I like talking about anything else in the world, I have added a button (thing) to the sidebar for easy access to the Pride page along with the ones for the anime hub and the wrestling hub.

(I know neither of those truly got updated for either this month (wrestling) or this season (anime) I will do the anime one because we need the updates for future stuff but the April picks might just be forgotten about…)

So the page will have a run down of all their upcoming shows, any random stuff like match announcements (with links to any blog posts I might put up) and the thing that’ll make James happy actual lists of my favourite matches of the year AND a look on who won what when I actually do manage to do the monthly picks.

Yes I included lists. Everyone loves a good list!

As I said it isn’t anything particularly important but we just wanted you to know we weren’t escaping our duties tonight I was just very VERY busy.

Anything else you want just let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.


2 thoughts on “NEW Pride Poster and Superstar Announcement”

  1. DVD reviews…. You promised me them months ago and I’m still waiting. Pretty sure that should have started by now?

    1. Like…. Seriously? No well done for doing what I asked you to do 100 times and doing it well? No thank you? Just a where the hell is this one thing I asked you to do and have been told will be done at some point?

      Man I hate you. Slave driver.

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