Mayoiga : When the Cat’s Away, The Mice will Play Mischief

Episode 7

Yeah different reviewer but I was getting bored of waiting for Luc so I thought I’d do it.

We made up a theories blog last time out we’ll see if we’re one step closer to solving the mystery with Episode 7.

If I’m honest we are and we aren’t. I loved the episode because it proved one thing, no matter what is going on when people are scared they react in horrible ways.

Mitsumune’s story is actually really sad. He was a twin and his brother was called Tokimune, when he was trying to show off Tokimune fell off the building and died which lead Mitsumune’s mum to have a break down and the whole family accommodate her by basically renaming Mitsumune to Tokimune. The big penguin thing was the penguin toy that Mitsumune’s brother used to take the piss out of him for having.

Masaki knows what is going on. The train tunnel leads you back to your past life but only if you face your monster first. She obviously IS a spirit of some sort OR realised this after facing her monster.

This all happens away from the rest of the group who, with some of the hotter heads now in shock over what happened to them, deciding that Masaki IS A ghost and the only way to stop the monsters and therefore get to live their new lives in peace is to get rid of her. Of course this means that they end up actually having a witch hunt. They track down Mitsumune who is wandering around alone and when he’s in bed they capture Masaki and tie her to a stake.

Its one of the most horrible moments in a anime I’ve seen for a long time. Even the nice characters don’t really do anything to stop it and Hayato, who seems more angry that Mitsumune has another friend, doesn’t seem to have a problem with slicing up Masaki with a knife. Even when she bleeds most of them convince themselves they are still right.

Honestly I do feel like if I was one of them, even if I was scared of speaking out, because Lovepon is ready to cut up anyone who doesn’t believe the stupid story she and the others have concocted, I really wouldn’t want to live in a village with people who are so ready to tie each other up, torture them and kill them. Lovepon is simply only there to kill people by the looks of it and the two survivalists are no better. They say that they have no life if they went back but how could they trust each other after this? One thing goes missing and the whole lot of them will torture their way out of things.

Valkana’s whole “I’d rather beat the truth out of them then pretend to be nice to them” thing turned me right off his character. Whilst I understand to some degree that he’d rather be open about the way he feels its still unnecessarily brutal.

Mikage made a good point when he started shouting about no one ever talking about anything but then instead of talking to each other and figuring things out there was a load of bickering MORE of then “I don’t want to talk about it” and finger pointing before their little witch hunt.

Masaki could be just about anything but one thing she obviously ISN’T is dangerous.

In fact I don’t get why Mitsumune didn’t really go into detail over what happened in the woods, or if he did and we didn’t really see it all then why someone with such a level head up to this point like Valkana wouldn’t take him at face value. I get why Hayato isn’t, he’s more interested in having Mitsumune follow him around like a pet and only show him any kind of attention, but the others?

It ended with Masaki about to tell the truth so I can’t wait for the next episode, though the preview of it seems like we’ll be standing around having Masaki and Mitsumune try to convince a group of idiots that she isn’t dangerous.


One thought on “Mayoiga : When the Cat’s Away, The Mice will Play Mischief”

  1. Thanks for covering my ass.

    So what do you think Masaki is going to say in the next episode?

    I ask because the preview looked, like you said, like a lot of standing around doing nothing but talking which means that there seems to be people being assholes. Do you think anyone would listen to Masaki even if she was telling the truth?

    Problem is this does and doesn’t throw my theories out the window because she said that Mitsumune had to get through his fear to get back to his past life so if she died and is like the doorkeeper back to life then they could still be in limbo. I’m just not seeing what is going on.

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