Ace Attorney : Turnabout Sisters : 2nd Trial

Episode 3

“Gyakuten Shimai: 2nd Trial” (逆転姉妹 2nd Trial)

After Chihiro was killed it was up to Naruhodo to clear her sister Mayoi’s name for the murder. He’s up against shining star prosecution attorney Reiji Mitsurugi.

The trial actually goes well. He’s able to figure out when people have been lying even if he’s a little bit on the slow side with it all.

Naruhodo’s problem now lies with him not being confident. Instead of putting the pieces together and stating his case against what the prosecution are saying he objects and stumbles around. He also gives up easily “Pretty Much” Instantly died? That isn’t a official way of stating whether someone died or not. Plus he walked in and found Mayoi cowering in the corner.

He isn’t able to disprove that Chichiro had written the name of her killer on the back of a receipt but he at least proves that the eye witness wasn’t being honest by using the information he had found himself which Mitsurugi didn’t know about.

The problem for me is still that its hard to believe even in a game that would be allowed. Surely the police themselves have to find evidence and everyone has to be in on it before the trial? It all feels a bit silly at times.

Anyway Naruhodo puts the spanner in the works but then goes and does something silly. He’s told of the man who is probably behind the murder but goes in all guns blazing. The problem is his business is simply to gain information on people and he uses that information to blackmail them all. He’s able to just call up, name himself a witness and then get Naruhodo arrested for the crime just on his word.

Giving the show credit I did not believe we’d see the main character behind bars in episode 3 or indeed having to stand trial himself in episode 4! That is something of a swerve that if anything you’d think would come later in the show.

I like how he at least took charge more often, without someone to rely on he had to really look at what was in front of him. I just wish someone had been there to tell him how silly it is to go into the office of a guy like that and call him a murderer. It was never going to end well. Hopefully with his back against the wall he’ll figure it out. He kind of has to seeing he’ll go to prison if he doesn’t.


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