Ace Attorney : Turnabout Sisters : 1st Trial

Episode 2

“Gyakuten Shimai: 1st Trial”(逆転姉妹 1st Trial)

We got to see Naruhodo’s first trial and it went well. Now he’ll have to start going it alone.

One reason for that is his boss, Chihiro, gets murdered in the episode and its her sister Mayoi who is suspected of committing the crime.

A much better episode all around really. It did stray from the courtroom and didn’t drag, Naruhodo wasn’t too bad either. A little too optimistic and he doesn’t seem to have a very movable ace, once again feeling more like a one dimensional game avatar then a character in his own right, but it worked.

I liked some of the other characters we met. Mayoi is nice, I like that she’s a little strange and her and Naruhodo worked well together on screen. The detective was pretty funny but him ending every sentence with pal will wind me up. It was much more a investigation then a trial… I say this because it was just the investigation in this part though I’m pretty sure that if the police don’t log evidence it can’t be used in court? Is it usual for attorneys to be running around playing detective and keeping evidence to themselves?

Either way it didn’t matter, I liked that in the end Naruhodo is going to be her attorney. I don’t know why but it feels like they built the prosecution attorney up so much that I didn’t think he’d be the attorney on the case. It seems silly to build someone up just to have Naruhodo beat him, but it would also be weird to have him lose too.

Unlike episode one we don’t know who did it and there is little chance that Naruhodo is going to be able to prove someone else did it (like a specific person) whilst getting Mayoi off the hook. Its a interesting mystery even if we kind of know why it happened, finding out who did it and what case it was all about will be interesting.

A lot of the things I was worried would bore me or annoy me didn’t crop up in the episode. Again there was a very gamey feel but it was able to balance it slightly better. I think they were too conservative with the anime style and something more bombastic (like Draganronpa) would have helped it stand out a little more. Either that or to cut back on the gaming nods.

It’ll be interesting to see how he does in his first real real case.

Plus why the hell was he objecting right at the end of the episode? I know the objection thing was important in the game but why put it there? I hope someone laughs at it at the beginning of the next episode.


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