One Piece : The WE Times Comic Strip

Chapter 825

It took me a while to realise that I had missed a chapter but here we are. Another chapter…

Nothing really happens though so you aren’t missing out with me not talking about it.

The first half of the story shows some of the pains that Sanjii has to go through, he’s not really a captor but he IS a captor at the same time. The guys guarding him and Caesar are stupid. The WE Times Comic Strip is just that. A comic strip that one of the captors are obsessed with. Sanji doesn’t want to hear about it and doesn’t even want to get married which surprised me because he seemed to like the photo of his betrothed but now he’s determined he isn’t going to get married.

That in itself is interesting but it isn’t the point of the chapter. Before we can actually understand where Sanji is coming from and how he can push away his natural instinct of freaking out about every female ever and be sure he wasn’t going to get married we go back to the Thousand Sunny.

Oh boy is it as crazy as ever on the Thousand Sunny.

So they are starving after Luffy has used all the food in his horrible curry, they spend a good few pages moaning at each other before they catch a giant fish. Whilst Chopper is sensible and goes to find out more about the fish Luffy eats its skin, as he does, and it turns out that is the poisonous part of the fish. He then spends the rest of the chapter dying slowly, he still has his resistance to poison after his adventures in Impel Down, whilst the others eat their meal.

We get a surprise at the end that the army that is in the comic strip actually seems to exist. Whilst the Thousand Sunny finally passes into Big Moms territory it seems they are coming face to face with Germa 66 and a member of Sanji’s family.


So the two actual interesting parts of the chapter both end before we actually see or learn anything. It sucks.

Whoever that is, Sanji’s father or brothers, looks like they’ll be basically a Sanji clone with one or two differences, or at least the eyebrow is a family birthmark or something. It looked like Sanji.

Don’t get me wrong I did like the humour of it, the others eating their meal and ignoring Luffy slowly dying in his corner and Sanji just being done with everything all made me laugh.

I’m just starting to get impatient to see Sanji’s family and to see what Sanji is actually thinking.

Seeing Sanji so laid back made me happy though, if he’s not panicking then we don’t need to panic. It’ll all be OK as long as Sanji is OK. The more it goes on though the more I’m pretty certain that Sanji will return and that the marriage won’t go ahead. I know most people believed that anyway but there was a part of me that thought they might have Sanji leave or him get married. I don’t know why but I just thought it would be a option especially because Sanji needs something to move his character forward, his obsession with women is annoying and if he got married maybe he’d calm down. For all his other flaws he’s a pretty loyal guy so I’d imagine actually getting married and having that kind of bond with someone even if it was forced would probably make him act differently. It was one of many ways I could see his character moving forward positively, the only real move he made was a little to the negative but he didn’t really learn much about his own behaviour and never will.

Love Sanji with all my heart but it isn’t funny any more. The mermaids on Fishman Island was but everything else, not so much.

We’ll see.

More importantly it will be interesting to see how his family reacts to people.


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