Pride Promotions Match Announcement for 26th June

So like… Yeah I don’t usually post just random match announcements and stuff on here (maybe I should just to annoy you all). We don’t have a big UK following anyway so I usually end up speaking to myself (or my fanboy) but I can’t help it (a little like the first time I ever even mentioned Pride when I cried about the Hurricane) so I’m gonna. I was close to doing it when they announced a different match for their show in Paignton but never did…

Anyway…. Have you heard that RVD is coming to Taunton (Somerset, UK) in June? If you haven’t and you can get there on the 26th then you might want to as they just announced that he’ll be up against none other then the Catch Division champion Scotty Essex.

Right so I don’t have to tell anyone how awesome RVD is do I? I mean I had RVD PJs as a kid and used to run around pretending to be him. Like he’s just amazing.

But do you know how amazing Scotty Essex is? Because he’s pretty damned awesome. If you don’t know how amazing Scotty is then you are seriously missing out. If you want me to tell you how awesome Scotty is pull up a chair in the comments and I will do so.

You ain’t gonna want to miss this one because I’m telling you now that its going to be one INCREDIBLE match. It was only Sunday that Scotty was up against Carlito in a fantastic match but this, THIS is going to be a show stealer.

I’ve only just stopped screaming down the phone to nearly everyone I know about it (OK three people because I don’t know that many people.)

If you can go then you’d be silly not too and this is only one match. ONE MATCH. They also have Mr Anderson coming AND a four way tag team ladder match which will see Danny Jones & Doug Williams vs The House of Bones vs The Soul Society vs The Magnums. PLUSSSSSSS they still have guys like Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths, the English Lion Eddie Ryan, Ultimo Tiger, sweet little Adam da Silva, Chris Andrews and like SOOO many more people. Plus you’ll get to see Vixxen and she’s awesome. Honestly ALL those names are worth the price of a ticket alone (have you SEEN me tell you how wonderful Eddie Ryan and Ultimo Tiger are because seriously…. I talk about them a lot) so regardless of this ONE MEGA AWESOME match you are going to have a night you’ll probably never forget.

Like seriously if you don’t get excited by this then you have no soul. OOORRR else you aren’t as weird as I am.

Seriously check the event out if you can get to it, if you get tickets rub it in your friends face because it is gonna be one hell of a event. If you can’t get to it check it out anyway and convince yourself you can go.

Event Page :Β
Tickets :Β

I promise only to mention this once or twice again in my lifetime…. Possibly. Just wait till Tigers match is announced THEN you’ll hate me. Now that I’ve posted about Scotty I’ll have to balance it with Tiger too, I’m not very sorry but you can pretend I am if it makes you feel better.

No more Pride talk until after their next show I promise. (I’m not even lying because I’m too busy working and getting excited for my birthday, plus Mayoiga, Bungo Stray Dogs and Kiznaiver.)

Right… So… Ummm… Back to anime everyone, nothing to see here! (I’m watching Flying Witch right now so review will be out soon!)


6 thoughts on “Pride Promotions Match Announcement for 26th June”

  1. I can confirm she phoned me screamed “OMG SCOTTY IS FACING RVD” and slammed the phone down again just to phone me three minutes later scream it again and cry.

    So it is bound to be brilliant.

    1. Funny that I got a similar phone call. There is only one other person unless she’s counting you twice. She’s a idiot.

    1. Do you genuinely want me to tell you or are you picking on me like those two?! Because it ain’t my fault I haven’t got friends you know!!!

        1. You might regret that statement one day.

          OK so WHEN you see Scotty for the first time (because you WILL see him, even if I have to go all the way up North and get you) you probably won’t know what to expect. He isn’t like other wrestlers were you can look at them and kinda guess their style or what you might see. The first couple times I went to see him I think I kept saying that he doesn’t look like he should be doing whatever it was he was doing. Now I’m kinda used to it so seeing him hit perfect flips and somersaults and all sorts is still bloody amazing but I kinda know he can do it.

          He’s exciting to watch though because he mixes it up a lot. There is so much that he can do that none of his matches are ever even remotely similar, even when he goes up against the same person (like Robbie-E at the beginning of the year.)

          I think I said it in the blog or somewhere that his character is just great. He honestly only ever breaks character when you are directly in front of him at the meet and greets. Walking about to get to his chair he’s still Scotty Essex. I love his character as well, its fun and he plays the crowd well.

          He’s a lovely guy though. I will never hear a bad word said about the man after cheering Christy up at the Real Rock N Rollas event. Like honestly Billy Gunn had scared the HELL out of her, she was in real tears so sad because he scared her. Then it was worse because she didn’t want to meet Tiger when she was crying (you know 6 year olds, end of the world) and Scotty was just so nice to her that she didn’t even care that she didn’t like Scotty when he was wrestling she cheered right up. Like as a bad guy he didn’t HAVE to do that, in general he didn’t have to do it. All the guys are lovely, I’ve never met a bunch of nicer people in my life, but no one went out of their way more then him to cheer her up. Since then I just have the utmost respect for him.

          So the guy is so talented in the ring, a great person outside the ring and has one of the best characters ever.

          It isn’t just Scotty though. Honestly its a privilege to get to see all the guys wrestle as often as I have been able to at the beginning of the year. All of them are super talented and just really nice. Like regardless of Christy they don’t HAVE to be nice to someone like me who makes no sense whatsoever when I open my mouth and most of the time look like I’m going to throw up on them. It makes a big difference when they are so nice. Scotty is one of the best though, I know its kinda biased being a fan of his anyway but he seriously is one of the best.

          He also has the best entrance in the world. Like I just love it.

          The first time I saw him he did have a ladder wrapped in a pink feather boa, that was something special.

          Plus you know him and Keizer tend to be the two who get the nasty stuff happen to them but they both take it well (Keizer getting gored at Christmas and Scotty getting apple spat at him and the Green Mist) not that they probably complain about it too much!

          Did any of that make sense πŸ˜› ?

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