Flying Witch : How to use your Familiar

Episode 5

“Tsukaima no katsuyō-hō” (使い魔の活用法)

Finally a little bit of normality back on the blog with the review of Episode 5 of Flying Witch. By the sound of it we’ll be getting to spend some more time with Chito in this episode as we learn more about the life of the Familiars.

I love that Akane is sticking around in the episodes, there is just something about that character. I like that she noticed how nice the place that Chito was lying looked and ended up sleeping there herself.

Chinatsu is still my favourite character though and her following Chito was so cute. I love how she went from being so scared of everything to being so inquisitive. Her journey was sweet and it was nice that Chito took her to see so many really random things. I have no doubt whatsoever that Chito knew he was being followed.

In between their journey, which ended with Chinatsu getting a lucky cherry blossom and unearthing the fact that Chito knew she was following, we got to see Makoto empty out some of her boxes. Man did she pack some strange and wonderful things, though it was hilarious that she didn’t know that she’d made pickles.

The route was then explained by Makoto as Chito took her around. I loved that the door that Chinatsu thought might have had a spirit magicked into it was actually just Chito thinking it looked like Makoto when she was a kid. Then he was just teasing the dog because he was tied up. It was nice just to hang with Chito though there wasn’t much else going on in the episode other then seeing Nao again and meeting a old lady who believes a charm a old witch friend gave her helped her marry her husband.

As you might have guessed I’ve had a rather exciting and busy day so I’m glad I got to come home and relax watching Flying Witch, when I got the chance to do so and had calmed down, because seriously it just left me with the most satisfied grin I’ve ever had on my face.

Characters that don’t even do much, like Akane just lying about, just added that little bit of softness to the episode that you lost yourself in the relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Its the first time I’ve ever said it but I’d like to spend some more time with Chito. He obviously has a better sense of direction then Makoto and in a way a more adventurous spirit then her, mainly because I think her adventures tend to come about because she gets lost!

What was best though was seeing the world through Chinatsu’s eyes before seeing it for what it is. You see I always say the world loses its magic as we grow older and learn more. The mystique of it all disappears. So it was nice to see Chinatsu look at something and wonder about magical things whilst in actuality Chito was only interested in it because he was being a pain in the butt. The whole series kind of feels like you are looking at it through a childs eyes and being allowed to believe in that magic you lost. I know they ARE witches and do magic but I’m talking about simple things like looking at something and thinking there is a strange and wonderful story behind it when in fact its probably just the pattern of the wood of wear from the weather and years of use.

Plus I just loved Akane sleeping everywhere.

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