Bungo Stray Dogs : The Tragedy of the Fatalist

Episode 4

Unmeironsha no Himi (運命論者の悲み)

Poor, poor Atsushi…

Just when he thinks he’s got himself a job that he might be able to do with weirdo’s he might just be able to enjoy spending time with he ends up becoming the target of the ultimate bad guys. Port Mafia.

How will he cope?

Probably much better if it wasn’t Kunikida that was there when he woke up. From the looks of it Dazai was too busy flirting with the worker in the café who I DON’T think is going to take part in a double suicide with him to even notice what happened in the whole episode.

Kunikida looks worried, is trying to play it cool and throwing no bones to Atsushi who spends the whole episode worried about the “worst case scenario” if the Port Mafia attack. He even phones them, tells him he’s leaving, and runs away.

Port Mafia look so cool but its sad because it becomes very obvious at the end of the episode that the really cool ones we’re introduced too are way under the powers of just a handful of the agency. Even Higuchi isn’t exactly worth much as she was nearly taken out by a well placed trick by Tanizaki. They still LOOK the part.

I guess this is it. The episode where Atsushi realises he belongs somewhere. The “worst case scenario” was nothing to actually worry about, it was just budgeting reports and Kunikida having to go around the neighbourhood and apologise. This isn’t even apparently the first time the Mafia has struck their headquarters so it just really doesn’t bother them. After being scolded and in a Kunikida kind of way told that he belongs with the agency hopefully Atsushi won’t care what the people at his orphanage once said to him and will be happy in his new job.

Funnily enough this whole episode was used to build up the deadly image of the Port Mafia, especially their group called Black Lizard. It was all about building drama until Atsushi runs into the office. You expect to see a heart breaking scene instead no one seems to have been touched at all and they get about squabbling.

I said that the nearly instant flip flopping between seriousness and stupid was something I loved and this was the ultimate proof. I spent most of the episode in tears for Atsushi and worried about the others just for it to turn out to mean nothing and having a cute little animated view of the guy with the straw hat (not sure of his name) throwing the Mafia dudes out of the window whilst Kunikida got angry about how much money they’d have to spend.

Again it was full on from beginning to end and I enjoyed it that way. I wonder what the Mafia think they were gaining if they really did know that they’d be beaten so easily, though Higuchi doesn’t seem to know too much so I’m guessing she must be new to some extent. I’d love to see her arguing with Kunikida. I don’t know why but I think that would be hilarious and I’ll be disappointed if her ability isn’t something snake like because the look she gave after getting off the phone with the Black Lizard squad was very snake like.

Then again the best part of the episode was Kunikida teasing Atsushi for crying. OK I have a thing for Kunikida when he starts to get angry. So the end of the episode was pure gold for me, though I would have loved to see Dazai’s reaction to the blown apart office. Maybe Kunikida should add paying off his tab on the budget report before that nice lady comes and messes it up again?


(And I can’t be the only other piece of Hux trash that watches this anime and imagines Kunikida as Hux and Dazai as Kylo Ren? SPECIALLY when there was mention of a Budget Report? I don’t even like Star Wars but this is what my life has come to thanks to freakin’ Domhnall Gleeson and his way too over talented genes!)


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