Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless : Tanaka-Kun Day

Episode 5

“Tanaka-kun no nichijō” (田中くんの日常)

The adventures of the married couple Tanaka and Ohta continue! What fun and games will they get up to today?!

The first half of the episode was the greatest piece of television ever. Tanaka has to go shopping for something his sister asked for but can’t remember what it is. He asks Ohta to go with him and to help him remember what it was.

How did Ohta and Tanaka become such good friends when they don’t even know they each have a sister. Let alone that their sisters are the same age?! I really want to see their sisters as friends now, that would be funny. I really REALLY need to see their sisters.

What was great was that Tanaka set a second alarm to remind him what it was that he needed to buy but he was so tired he gave up writing the reminder and the only thing they knew was that it started with the letter P. He brought a shit ton of crap beginning with P and then Ohta tried to help by using his deductive skills and coming up with Pancakes.

Their dynamic makes me giggle as Tanaka see’s Ohta as a wife whilst Ohta see’s Tanaka as a child.

In the end it was pipe cleaner that they were looking for.

The second half of the episode was just really sweet.

You saw Shiraishi trying to come to terms with her feelings to Tanaka. She can’t bring herself to talk to him or even go near him. She’s also afraid her friends will think down on her, which they don’t as they are super supportive which is just a lovely thing to have.

Ohta is just one big gawjus dummy, I loved when she was trying to weedle out of him if Tanaka was in love with someone and his only thought was Tanaka was in love with him. It was cute. When he finally got the gist of what she was asking he seemed real supportive of her going after Tanaka too, not as supportive as Miyano! After seeing Miyano and Tanaka talking and running off when Miyano noticed she was dragged back and met by the blank confusion of Tanaka to why they weren’t already classified as friends.

With so much support Shiraishi can’t lose can she?

There is just something so nice about all the characters and all the situations they get themselves into. The feeling of the episodes are so gentle that you just lose yourself in it all. I’ve never giggled so much then the shopping trip made me giggle and then I was almost in tears and shouting encouragement at the TV for Shiraishi in the second half.

I wish I could be half as listless as Tanaka, after a week where I had to be the polar opposite its nice to relax with him and enjoy life.

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