Kiznaiver : Wahoo, It’s a Training Camp! Let’s Step in Deer Poop and Have Pillow Fights! Go, Go!

Episode 5

“Hyahhoi, Gasshuku Daa! Shika no Fun Funde Makuranage Shite Go Go!” (ひゃっほい, 合宿だぁ! 鹿のフン踏んで枕投げしてゴーゴー!)

Training camp time.

One of my major questions was answered and I’m happy it was.

It seems that there had been problems connecting Kiznaiver’s together via emotions but this time out they have managed just that with these lot. As Chidori’s heart breaks as she thinks that Agata and Sonozaki are falling in love, or whatever she thinks they are doing, it becomes obvious that they are connected in more ways then one. The whole team are able to find her through the sorrow that she felt as she screamed at bully that had cornered her.

You got to learn a lot more about some of the characters. When I say some I really mean the teachers, Maki and Yuta. The question of what the teachers were up to last time out is revealed, putting the two bullies up against the others was a way to test the emotional bond using fear. They are both part of the Kizna committee and pretty much the assholes you thought they were.

As for Yuta he takes eating healthy to another level, though he seems to have a big heart underneath it all as he’s more then happy to help prepare everyone else’s food for them even though he doesn’t eat that much. Maki on the other hand I am starting to get really bad vibes from. She got angry over a phone call, I believe she did murder someone and if it hadn’t been for Yuta’s embarrassed silence marking him out as a virgin and the teacher piping up from recording them in the window I’m pretty sure she would have raped Yuta. I’m not even joking, if you haven’t seen it, it is a bit of a worrying scene which really brings a whole new side to Maki.

The whole test of bravery thing would have been a lot more fun if it had been spread over two episodes and we really got to see them being tested, instead it felt a bit rushed. In fact that is a reoccurring problem now, I feel like they are OK giving out big explanations to everything but then they suffer from not SHOWING things enough. All the explanations were great but it felt like it rushed what could have been a much better test of bravery if only given more time to actually TEST their bravery.

Seeing them joined at a emotional level does now mean that they might get somewhere, like Agata finally understanding how his submissive behaviour effected Chidori, it might be what breaks Maki’s character. There is so much more they can do now that emotionally they are attached I just am not very sure that they’ll actually do much with it. There is a little too much talking and not doing now.

I am kind of sad that the actual bonding was cut short and hope that the next episode see’s them getting to know each other better, that would be great for them and a great episode. I loved their meal together and just how much you can learn from something as simple as that (like Yuta not being able to eat vegetables and stuff.)


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