Bungo Stray Dogs : A Certain Bomb

Episode 2

Aru Bakudan (或る爆弾)

Episode 1 introduced us to the Armed Detective Agency and its eccentric yet loveable employees.

Atsushi Nakajima learnt that he had a ability which transformed him into a White Tiger (Beast Beneath the Moon) and is asked to join the Agency. Will he accept? How will he cope with it?

We’ll see.

Did I make it plain enough in episode one that I loved Dazai?

If I hadn’t then the unreal sounds coming out of me when he was talking to Atsushi just for it to turn out he’d got himself stuck in a oil drum and no one would help him was funny. The thing is I know I shouldn’t find his jokes that funny but it just makes me laugh and I’m not really sure why. The fact that he “likes” Suicide but not pain or torture just had me giggling and the fact he phoned everyone else up and they just said Congratulations had me on the floor. Sometimes I feel bad for liking him as much as I do then I remember that he is just hilarious and I don’t care any more!

Also when he got told by Kunikida that he was the reason of most of the complaints the office got yet the only thing he seemed to take out of it all was that Kunikida does good impressions just made me want to hug him.

I don’t know how long it took me to figure out that the whole “guy with a bomb” thing was just a test but it was pretty early on. There was just something about the fact that the guy would know everyone and their abilities as well as the confusing way he talked to Kunikida that made me sure that the test that Atsushi was going to have was going to be this. I mean he didn’t really seem angry about anything and then he told Kunikida to get on a table on all fours AND keep his hands where he could see them but then just kind of washed over it instead of correcting himself, he didn’t seem to get flustered properly or react properly.

It turns out that this is actually Tanizaki and his sister Naomi is the one being kidnapped and it was all to see how Atsushi would react in a situation like that.

In actual fact he reacted rather well.

I loved that he just started to mouth off about all his insecurities when he was sent to talk to the guy, he forgot in the end that he even had a fake job in his little story and was screaming about them finding a job together. He helped them “defeat” Atsushi and that would have been enough..

OBVIOUSLY then they played up to finish the act and had Tanizaki take the remote back for the bomb and set it off. Atsushi had a Captain America moment and threw everyone out of the way to shield them with his body..

The moment was real cute and I loved that Dazai saw a kindred suicidal spirit in front of him.

Their boss looks scary but we didn’t see much of him and he doesn’t seem to really give much of a toss about the day to day stuff as even though Atsushi passed the test he still left it to Dazai to figure out whether or not he’d be in the agency. Obviously the thought of having money and a roof over his head and NOT being a wanted criminal was enough to keep Atsushi in the agency.

So obviously my biggest problem is that it is very on the line with the jokes. They say people with abilities have something wrong inside of them. Dazai is suicidal, Kunikida seems to be pretty neurotic and Tanizaki and Naomi seem to have…. Too much of a relationship for a brother and sister. Whilst I laugh at it I kinda feel weird writing that I’m laughing about it. For me I think the jokes are on the right side of any line that you can draw, I’m saying that as someone who is laughing at a suicidal character from the stand point of being suicidal. I’m wary of them crossing that line but its a line that might be already crossed for some. I feel like this is the time I should make the point that personally I feel like the jokes are OK but I don’t think in general any of these things should really be the butt of the joke. I think because its a eccentricity of the characters and not looked down on and used for pretty random out of the blue moments possibly makes it work for me, I know that in itself might be a problem for others.

I’ve read that people don’t really like the characters finding them pretty one dimensional but I really like them. I feel like if I didn’t like them I might not find the jokes so funny. For me the way its all animated also works in its favour. This is the only time I’ll be posting my feelings on this because I don’t want it to become a part of every review.

So to clarify I don’t find jokes about things like incest and suicide funny but I personally think there is some love in the way the jokes are presented in the show that make me laugh. I understand for some their line might already be crossed but for me I’m OK with it. I’ll only really comment on this kind of thing again if I find its taken a step too far.

Mainly though I just want to point out how much I enjoyed the episode. It is funny for me and I love the notes that pop up from time to time, even if I need to pause to read them and the dialogue it adds to the jokes so much. I like how it can go from deadly serious to pretty funny so easily because it makes the jokes that much funnier.

Wonder how long it’ll take for Atsushi to figure out he’s found a place he belongs?


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