Tanaka-kun is Always Listless : Girl of Contrast, Echize-san

Episode 3

“Gyappu shōjo Echizen-san” (ギャップ少女越前さん)

I am very sorry it has taken me this long to get up to date with Tanaka-kun. I will not fall behind again! I promise!

Episode 2 ended with Tanaka getting a challenge. Does he accept?

Course he doesn’t. In fact he’s put it out of his mind completely.

The challenge came from a girl called Echizen, who is best friends with Miyano. She’s worried that Miyano is going to be set down the path of Tanaka if she doesn’t beat him but falls at the Listlessness of it all. As Tanaka points out that he hasn’t got what it takes to win a fight she challenges him to a board game. He doesn’t even have the attention or competitiveness to try and win, then he loses the cards when she challenges him to a card game. At every point Echizen is beaten by his Listlessness, maybe not in the challenge itself but just in the face of how much he didn’t care.

This all came after we learnt that Tanaka can’t eat the same as other humans because if he does he’ll end up tiring himself out. Ohta having to de-bone the fish and learning that it isn’t that Tanaka doesn’t LIKE food its that he’s too listless to peel, de-seed, de-bone or just in general do anything with his food that  makes him picky. Ohta of course is as always the loyal helper to Tanaka.

Going into the second half and we see a different dynamic being created between Echizen and Tanaka. As Echizen accidentally upsets Miyano its up to Tanaka to try and bring them back together, Ohta taking Miyano’s side because Echizen let a sweet go to waste.

What a lovely little piece it was though. I love the relationship between Echizen and Miyano and it was adorable that it was just a misunderstanding and that they kept misunderstanding each other. Echizen’s abrasive personality being worn down by Tanaka just not really caring was sweet when I thought originally it would be funny but it wasn’t really played for laughs, the situations Echizen found herself in was but the actual relationship and bonding between the two wasn’t.

In the end it turns out that the person that Miyano wants to be Listless for is Echizen, I can see why. She needs that kind of calming influence in her life.

The whole episode was just really sweet though and all the relationships in it are adorable. Ohta is like a giant dog protecting all the little puppies he’s slowly adopting. Tanaka he does out of love anyway, Miyano he does because she’s there now and why not? Echizen is a old friend and seeing she’s also there he’ll protect her too, unless she goes about leaving homemade sweets to go rotten then she’s out on her ear.

What a better way to tackle your best friend refusing to eat cute things then to make Machoco instead! I loved how the boys felt real weird eating it, I don’t know why Ohta would care! If he eats the face of a pure little bunny cake thing then he can eat chocolate in the shape of a naked macho man!

All four of them are crazy but in a gentle and lovely way.

Its almost like you could fall asleep watching it, its so gentle and loving. Even when Echizen was going crazy there was something calming about it all, like you were watching it cuddling up to a cloud.

I’m sure you’ll understand that. I’m sure.

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