Mayoiga Theory After Episode 6

I’m writing out my theories for what is going on in Mayoiga after episode 6. Feel free to add your own in the comments, after Episode 7 if there has been any developments that change it I’ll write out a new one and if other differing theories appear then I’m all for making a master list with all our theories in it.

IF it seems to be very obvious what is going on or you know what is going on this is just a bit of fun so don’t bother being a ass about it. I’ve seen a lot of different theories so its obvious not everyone agrees with just one theory on what is going on.

My theory now kind of goes into two.

I’m fully behind the dead theory. But now its split into two things.


So my second theory but the one that I kind of took hold of up until Episode 6 (because of something I’ll explain in theory two) was that they were all running from something in their past and died when the bus crashed.

The only way to get to the village is via death, its a “Lost” village because it doesn’t exist but if you do believe in it when you die you’ll go there as a bit of a limbo state.

With the “monster” and now knowing everyone see’s something different (which was established beforehand but REALLY established in Episode 6) I now am fully behind the thought that the “monster” is something to test them.

A bit like Death Parade in so much that its there to bring the worst out of you and test what kind of person you are? One reaction leads to oblivion the other to reincarnation or heaven or even just being able to go back? You have to face the worst part of your life (humiliation, anger, obsessiveness….) and prove that you can change and let something that now defines you for the worst go before you can go back. If you can’t let go of it and change yourself then you can’t go back.

Death Parade itself was interesting because you were being judged by eyes that couldn’t think like a human, Decim was a experiment in giving human emotions to the mix, but it still left the question of why should SOMEONE whether they have human emotions or not get to judge you based on your heightened fear, anxiety etc etc. Some of the games played were extremely cruel spirited whilst some were sweet, Ginty was just a bastard. The difference here is that you don’t have someone promising you something or tormenting you, what is tormenting you is what tormented you anyway you just now have to stand up to whatever it was you had done.

It doesn’t really explain Hyoketsu who died from the fear of Jack AFTER they arrived at the village and therefore was something shitty he was doing AFTER he would have died but maybe that was more to do with him wanting to look big and tough and actually being a wimp. He died (in whatever form you can call it if they are already dead) from his own fear instead of being the person he wanted to be?

It would possibly explain why Yottsun couldn’t be found, maybe their bodies don’t return? We haven’t really SEEN either him or Hyoketsu die and what happened next you just saw Yottsun floating and then never seeing him again and Hyoketsu fall to his death with no one going to look for his dead body.

So Theory One for me is that they died on the bus and are being judged by their worst memory.


The more I was writing about Episode 6 the more I realised that actually all the things we so far know about them could have ended up in them being dead BEFORE they arrived.

It was my first theory after seeing the flashback/dream of Mitsumune falling from a high building. Even his texts from his mother made me think he was already dead.

Its not that far from Theory 1, it got pushed to my second theory when I realised that Mitsumune could be a ghost, he could be anything, but the rest seemed to be pretty normal.

Now its come back.

So what if they are all dead and facing the thing that killed them. Again like Death Parade to be sorted into whether or not they are worthy of redemption or asking them where they actually belong in whatever afterlife they believe in. The talks of meeting on the forum and all that throws it for me but at the same time the Sixth Sense proves that just about anything can be skilfully worked away if given time.

What got me thinking about this is the fears we’ve seen so far and what they could have ended up dying from.

VALKANA : Made a Scapegoat and lost everythingSuicide
MIKAGE : Made a mistake and lost his credibilitySuicide
NYANTA : Picked on by people who tied her up under a wasp nest Death by wasps
JIGOKU : Couldn’t join the Rangers so got a implant to make him tallerDeath via the Implant
LOVEPON : Grew up with abuse : Died at the hands of the Monk
HYOKETSU : Wanted to be something he wasn’t : Died at the hands of someone he pissed off

The more we learn about them the more it could easily be what killed them they see. The laughter of Mikage’s failure haunted him so he could only get out of it by suicide, similarly with Valkana. Then again so farΒ we haven’t even seen Valkana really being troubled by the “Monster” itself but mainly by the situation.

I can even kind of see what others could be already. Toriyasu could be another suicide, Piitan and Manbe a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing. Wankoro says he’s ill so maybe his illnesses did kill him. Puko is looking for her Adam so maybe she was killed by her “Adam”. Maimai seems to be similar to that too inΒ a way that her fear seems to be Mitsumune so maybe its heartbreak or something over his death? Yuuna could easily have died through the sexual harassment she received. Yamauchi could be a angel of death, he’s very held together even under stress and said he wanted to find his life after giving up looking after his parents. There are others I have no clue about but those are some that I can think of.

As I said if and when my theories change I will write another blog, if you want to add your own theories do so in the comments and I’ll add them to the blog as well next time I write one.

I’m now so into the “they are already dead” camp I can’t even think of other theories anymore.


2 thoughts on “Mayoiga Theory After Episode 6”

  1. I was talking it through with my mum and came up with the possibility that they could all be suicide victims, so kind of wrapped up with theory two in so much that they were already dead.

    For all the theories I’ve seen there have been one or two things that throw it off course a little and its no different with mine. I found myself thinking of your theory two myself the whole time but then realised that a whole bunch of them would be suicide so maybe they all are?


    Mitsumune : We already saw him on the edge of a building and supposedly have fallen/jumped. Maybe his parents were overbearing or didn’t care enough and he did it for attention or just to feel like he had control over something?

    Hayato : He then becomes easily explained. He promised he’d protect Mitsumune and if Mitsumune killed himself then it would be easy to see him doing so out of the anger of failure.

    Valkana and Mikage you’ve already pointed out.

    Manbe/Piitan again you point out could be a Romeo & Juliet style thing.

    Also Yamauchi.

    Bullying could have been the reason for Nyanta and a whole bunch of them. Just wanting to be dead at last could have been Wankoro.

    Which then got me thinking…

    Suicide pact….

    What if they DID meet on the forum and got to know each other. They WERE looking for somewhere to run off to. But what if they all just can’t remember that they figured out that you had to die to get there? What if they were all so miserable for various reasons that when they realised that they had to die they decided to kill themselves? Then again that would then mean that I’m stuck with Hayato as I doubt he’d agree and he’d stop Mitsumune (then again I guess if he DIDN’T stop him he might then do it out of grief) and maybe WOULD give me a reason why Maimai decided too do it (as I’m yet to really make my mind up with her) in so far as she had fallen in love with Mitsumune online and would do it to be with him?

    I think Koharun or Masaki could be the key in so much as they would be the supernatural force that meant that when they DID commit suicide they brought them all together in the village.

    The LOST village. Maybe they are LOST souls? It would have to be either Koharun who knows more about the village then she lets on or else Masaki who is the binding of them altogether.

    Also just the name First Life Do-Over, it just sounds like something people with a suicide pact would call it.

    Of course there was also the death letters or whatever they were called which could actually be their real life suicide notes….

    Maybe that is too many theories all put into one though.

    I guess I’ll have to think of something less death related!

  2. All three theories seem to come from the place that because its a impossibility in reality then it must be something otherworldly after death.

    What if Masaki going to the Village with her Monster basically meant she got possessed in some way? Maybe she herself DID die and she’s some sort of Lost spirit? She DOES seem to know a lot more about the village and everything else then the others, hence why she was telling them not to leave and wanting to talk to Mitsumune who is the only one that has really been nice to her or believed her.

    Maybe she’s stuck bringing people to the village and she’s the one that sent the e-mails and such like to Koharun?

    Like having a deal with a demon or just being trapped herself means she has to feed it?

    The demon feeds off of the worst day of your life (or days) and that is why some are just hearing wild animal sounds and others something more personal. Because some of them DON’T have anything that the monster can feed off of?

    Kind of like the Minotaur in the Doctor Who episode God Complex? Where the Minotaur used people’s fear to strip away their humanity and have them fear and worship him and then fed off of that worship?

    Then again going with what you said about Hogfather in the actual episode 6 blog maybe it IS just a defense mechanism? You can come in but you can’t come out. It doesn’t seem to attack in the village so a mixture of The Villages monster to keep them inside the Village and the Hogfathers defense system is at play?

    Why? Maybe there is a deity that loves the village but wants to protect it from outside influences. It tries to scare them to stay but ends up scaring them half to death instead? It bends reality to stop people escaping.

    They aren’t real theories but it just proves with so little information other then SOMETHING is using people’s fear to scare them, and might have scared at least three people to death, you can come up with any old theory!

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