Ace Attorney : The First Turnabout

Episode 1

“Hajimete no Gyakuten”(はじめての逆転)

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Luc

Based on the video game the anime follows Naruhodo (Phoenix Wright) into the Courtroom. I never played the games, always kind of wanted to but never bought them, I kind of just want to see how it plays out on the screen. Not too sure I’ll stick with it but we’ll see.

It felt like you were watching a game being played. The whole episode just felt like someone was playing a game in front of me and I’m a terrible backseat gamer. I can’t help it.

This is where its charm lays but also the point where I could easily fall out of love with it.

I’ll start with the negative then. As much as I enjoyed it I could easily get tired of the formula. I don’t like back seat gaming and everything about the episode screamed “I’M A VIDEO GAME” from the text box graphics to the pauses where usually you’d be making up your mind over something. It felt like the game had just been played by someone and then the static dialogue pieces animated. Well that probably IS what happened but it can only work for so long.

Naruhodo isn’t interesting enough for the show to stray too far from the formula but whilst this episode felt like a tutorial level it needs to speed things up and become juicer.

With the pauses and the gaming effect it made the episode stop starty which is alright for a first episode. Going on I’m not sure I want it to leave the courtroom but it would be nicer to see some actual thought going into what Naruhodo is doing. Seeing his thought process, actually seeing him properly put the clues together. It was all a bit Dora the Explorer.

It’ll be the amount of effort put into the stories that will keep me watching.

Through all I’ve just said the main court case was interesting. It felt like the bare bones of what could be achieved in the format but again it was a typical tutorial level.

I loved seeing pieces of the puzzle put in front of me, I also quite liked being told from the beginning we were defending the right person. Seeing it all click into place was nice but again it felt like a back and forth in a game. I say this, the NPC says that, I return with this, something else happens and we’re onto the next part. I want it to flow more but even if it doesn’t just having interesting cases will be enough to keep me interested.

Not bad for a first episode I guess.



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