Flying Witch : A Fortune Teller Veiled in Cherry Blossoms

Episode 4

“Sakura no naka no uranaishi” (桜の中の占い師)

Its the Cherry Blossom Festival and being locals means they get to go when its empty. What fun!

Another really sweet episode.

The bit before the opening credits was so sweet, I really love Chinatsu, I think I’ve pointed out a few times she’s my favourite character but she just ended up being even more my favourite character. When they wanted to have their photo taken together and asked the old woman I just knew something was going to go wrong, she obviously thought they just wanted a photo of the three of them together, I guess as she’s seen the castle so much, its obviously on her dog walk path, she wouldn’t think about others wanting to have it in the background.

Then SHOCK HORROR Kei had some character stuff to do! As he was trying to be smart with the money they had been given they walk past a haunted maze and the two girls stop to go in but he’s obviously terrified of it all. Him walking behind Makoto with his eyes closed was adorable and just made me want more of his actual character in general.

We were introduced to another local witch by the name of Inukai who, after getting blind drunk with Akane, was turned into half fox half human.

Very obviously the drunken story had me in stitches and made me instantly fall in love with Inukai and even more in love with Akane, it also SHOWED us why Akane is apparently so well thought of. The chocolates she created are apparently very advanced magic and Inukai is surprised she’s able to do it. I’d like to hear more about Akane.

We get to see Makoto attempt a remedy of sorts for Inukai but make it worse for a few moments which was funny.

Loved that they were sitting around talking about Akane thinking they wouldn’t see her for months and then she just pops up and then bursts Inukai’s bubble by pointing out that after she originally refused she was so drunk she wanted to eat something so ate it even when Akane told her not too. It was so funny and Inukai’s reaction was great.

You see nothing really dramatic or even really important in the run of things ever happens. It really is just a slice of life in so far as it just follows Makoto’s day to day life. Every episode though is just so much more enjoyable then the next and I love watching it. Its so cheerful that you just want to be part of Makoto’s life and if this was the only way you can then I’m happy I get to share the life in the anime with her.

Akane and Inukai are interesting, I wanna see more episodes with them two together. Akane said she was only back to have her fortune read by Inukai but I wonder if she’s going to hang around a little longer, in the last two episodes she’s been there which is kind of weird for a nomad who is meant to be unpredictable. Maybe she’s decided to spend more time with her sister? Or maybe it was just a coincidence!

Either way I just love everything about the show.

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