Mawaru Penguindrum : The World of Ice

Episode 9

“Kōri no Sekai” (氷の世界)

If you thought that the anime couldn’t get stranger then I’m sorry but you haven’t seen anything yet!

In the last episode Shoma got ran over, you want to know what happens next?

You’ll have to wait and see. As you ain’t going to see it in this episode.

We start off back at the Aquarium and whilst it could be a flashback it doesn’t feel that way right off the bat. Himari can see her Penguin right away and it just gets weirder.

This episode is a dream, or might be a dream who really knows. Himari ends up in a special part of the local library being told her past. It made me realise that we know little of Himari herself. We’ve seen that she’s a kind person, that she’s ill and her relationship with her brothers but that is about it. You’ve never really SEEN Himari.

Now you get a bit of a story with her. You learn that the two idols who we always see cartoon versions of on the subway where her friends and at school she wanted to be in a group with them called Triple H (the wrestling fan in me sniggers) but Himari had a bit of a strop one night and ended up hurting her mother and not long after that she stopped going to school because she was ill.

So Himari has been ill for a very long time but we still don’t have a clue what with.

Her friends went on to form their own duet and become famous yet seem to have completely ignored their friend purely because she didn’t go to school any more.

And as a child in some strange building Himari met someone who meant a lot to her. It sure does sound like Kanba or Shoma as a kid, I can’t tell which one because its been a few episodes but I’d give my right arm to say it was one of those two.

Oh and creepy library dude tells her that the hat she wears is the hat of his bride to be.

She wakes to the phone call telling her what happened to Shoma but you know what? This episode is the one that tends to put me on the back foot.

I watched it dubbed this time and it didn’t confuse me half as much because I didn’t have to read what was going on and then lose half of what was happening. Its a simple episode in its way but the first time you watch it it’ll take you completely by surprise. Especially if you are watching it weekly along with these blogs or something. It doesn’t add anything to the story, it doesn’t give you information that you want or need and it kind of kills the drama that built up coming into this episode.

And as much as we don’t know anything about Himari it hits you that actually there is only one thing you want to know about her and it wasn’t anything we learnt in this episode. You want to know why she was so ill and why she never went back to school. That is it. Simply that. Why make her story sound even sadder or give her a person she can’t remember? What is the point of it? Himari so far has been a great character without us needing to know about her. Nothing we learnt in this episode helped her as a character.

It comes across as a bit of a wasted episode.

What it did do was show how beautiful the anime can be. We didn’t need a whole episode for that though as most of the episodes are beautiful.

Usually I watch about two or three episodes more but this episode is always the one that declines my interest. It is the turning point of the season, the season slowly built the whole Ringo the Stalker stuff and obviously with the last episode ending the way it did this episode kind of throws you back into the story we were meant to be seeing from the beginning. It just doesn’t do it well enough.



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