Flying Witch : Lessons in Farming and Magic

Episode 3

“Hata kōza to majutsu kōza” (畑講座と魔術講座)

Makoto is settling in perfectly in her new home and even learning how to get home on her own.

She learnt a bit of cooking last episode so seems like there is more learning in this episode.

Makoto wants to learn about different plants so asks her uncle if she can have some farm land to grow some vegetables. He agrees and gives her a overgrown patch that used to belong to Kei’s grandmother but has been left since she passed away. Makoto is completely hapless as always. Once more Kei is like a talking text book and not much more. He matter of factly teaches her how to look after the land but she’s not really listening, not in a bad way, she just gets over excited about it all and doesn’t really think.

Her chasing the pheasant was really funny, its funny for me especially because we get pheasants running amok all over my area of Plymouth so even though we’re in a big city (big-ish city) we still get plenty of Pheasants so seeing even just a anime character go batshit crazy over one is funny.

After the farming we are finally introduced to Makoto’s sister Akane who gets called “another weirdo” by Chinatsu.

The farming stuff was interesting but the rest kind of gave us a really good look into the world of a witch. For example one of the most interesting things we learnt was that even though Makoto might be more interested in the less magical part of being a witch if she doesn’t do magic then her powers will become weak. Its possibly one of the most interesting factoids we’ve been told so far. Its true that since the show began Makoto has only flown once and it would be something I’d love to see if she started using magic a little more.

Then again the magic that her sister taught her didn’t seem rather magical. It makes me wonder whether or not just making potions/medicine would be enough to keep Makoto’s magic strong.

Akane basically put one of Chinatsu’s hairs in a envelope, wrote a incantation on the envelope then burnt it. When it was burnt to ashes she poured water over it and it summoned a crow. She completely ignored telling Makoto that a witches hair would be too powerful so when Makoto tries it she summons hundreds of the bloody things.

Funny story… We had a crow peck out the brains of a dead squirrel on my way home. Why you need to know this I don’t know but I had to see it and it made me want to vomit and the talk of crows couldn’t go without me mentioning it. It isn’t a funny story either… Funnily enough… In its unfunny way.

I really like Makoto’s sister but all its really made me want is more magic. Not like big magic just seeing Makoto do something more witch-y. If her magic is going to weaken if she doesn’t do something I’d rather see her do something then nothing.

Kei once more felt like a text book only there to depart wisdom on farming and then disappearing in the second half. Its a shame because I think he’d be a great character.

This is one of those shows that I just want lots of characters all the time because its just lovely seeing them all talking and just feeling part of whatever they are doing. Its so calming to listen to them even if I’m not really there and what they are saying isn’t really true… Well the farming stuff probably is, I probably should know more about farming myself.

Oh this review is a mess. I’m sorry.

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