Kiznaiver : Not That We’re All Connected, Let’s All Get to Know Each Other Better, ‘Kay?

Episode 4

“Sekkaku Tsunagari Attanda Shisa Motto Otagai Wakari Aou Yon” (せっかく繋がりあったんだしさもっとお互いわかりあおうよん)

To start I’d like to apologise, I have been told I put last weeks episode down as episode 4. I think because most of the rest of what we’d been watching up to this point was a week in front off Kiznaiver I just got muddled.

For the actual Episode 4 we finally have a fully team o Kiznaiver’s to get to know.

Not much happened in the episode but I’m getting the feeling more and more that it really is about the characters and not what is actually happening.

With a full team we get to see them all getting closer. Hisomu gives them the low down on his masochistic side, including the fact he doesn’t like using the word. We see Katsuhira trying to bring Sonozaki to the team instead of having her run off and order them from afar, she doesn’t take much convincing and ends up joining them for their training camp.

Some interesting dynamics show up between Yuta and Maki, both pointing out the problems with each other and neither really seeing their problems are problems. Yuta doesn’t care that he only see’s the beauty in people regardless of their personality and Maki doesn’t seem to care that her personality is cruel, especially when it comes to people like Nico who has grabbed this chance to make friends much to Maki’s displeasure.

Then you have Chidori who is still obviously in love with Katsuhira. Whether he cares or not really is a different matter, he wants to feel a connection but you very much get the feeling the only connection he truly wants is one with Sonozaki. Chidori gets jealous of him trying to win Sonozaki over in his own little way and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Tenga who offers to help her out with that. I personally think that they’d make a cute couple, she kind of brings a different side of him out or at least did in this episode. Plus regardless of the storyline to have Katsuhira find his emotions and pain and connection I think its cruel to have someone who is connected to him constantly wait on him so if a romance between her and Tenga blooms I’d be more then happy.

There is a very distinct grouping now. They have all kind of paired off, shown in its fullness at the end of the episode. Katsuhira and Sonozaki, Tenga and Chidori, Niko and Hisomu then Yuta and Maki. Seeing they are all meant to connect with each other it’ll be interesting to see how they break out of those groups. Right now its all down to personality but those walls need to be broken down to make them as a group work together. Or at least the walls need to be broken down between the two groups of Katsuhira and Sonozaki and Yuta and Maki. The other four seem happy enough to interact with anyone but Katsuhira is obsessed with the idea of connecting with Sonozaki who he see’s himself in and seems I guess to be dreaming about and Maki is too obsessed with finding out what is happening to let it actually happen and learn.

For me the actual Kizna stuff is less interesting then the dynamic of the group. Their bond at the moment is played more of a joke then as anything particularly dramatic, with Hisomu obsessed with being in unsuspected pain and Chidori too easy to anger and smack Tenga when he annoys her. I’m really interested in seeing what their training is going to involve though.

Away from them and the two bullies from the first episode have seemingly been turned into Kiznaiver by the homeroom teacher Yamada and the counsellor Mutsumi. I’ve always noticed something was up with them but they seem to be even more spooky then I thought. For some reason though I find them both much more interesting as characters then Sonozaki. Yamada’s summer break speech gave me a chuckle and Mutsumi shooting up a arcade was odd. It looks like they are thinking of setting the two bullies off against the others but for what reason I don’t know.

I feel like next week is going to be a good episode.


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