Mayoiga : Three Yuuna’s is a Crowd

Episode 5

The group split into two in the last episode. A small group staying behind in the village and a bigger group trying to find their way out.

No one had a easy time of it and so much happened to both groups.

What happens next?

First thing that happens is that the leaving party returns. Everyone is a little worst for wear and no one seems happy at all. Jack HAS escaped which means they can’t even figure out whether Hyoketsu no Judgeness, who they can’t even remember his name, WAS being stalked by Jack or whether he was also seeing one of the visions.

The group have the perfect chance to sit down and talk out everything they know and fear in a safe environment together but do they? It was something that Mikage was trying to make happen but was too busy pointing fingers to actually do. They are all scared but they refuse to talk it through like adults. Lovepon wants everyone executed and its only when they figure out that she herself was on her way to Jack to torture and kill him that they stopped thinking it was weird that Maimai and Mitsumune were on their way to see if he was alright. Lion pipes up that she sees dead people and she thinks Mitsumune is a ghost. Piitan and Manbe are idiots and so really are the three Yunna’s. In fact a lot of them are idiots.

For me the girls come out the worst in the episode holding onto every stereotypical teeny piece of bitch behaviour they could. From being two faced, easy to fright and manipulative to just being plain dumb at times. The only reason the boys don’t come worse (they don’t come out of it much better) is because other then Mitsumune, who was under everyone’s gaze more then once and just sat there looking nervous, Mikage, who was in complete charge of organising a witch hunt, and Valkana and Daahara none of the others left a impression at all.

Now that isn’t a bad thing, it actually made it a lot scarier. You are much more worried about what most of the female characters are up to then the male ones but the laid back stupidity of the male cast make them just as worrying.

After figuring out that everyone is really holding back something, and with no one thinking that maybe this is the point in time where they should just all be open and honest with each other, Mikage ends up joining a group with, of ALL people, Lovepon, Nyanta and Jigoku no Goka to question suspects they think are most worthy of questioning.

Whilst they go after Mitsumune a group of girls including Naana also approach Mitsumune asking him to guard them. With the sentence “you’re the one that looks most gui….” being cut off I had a horrible feeling they were trying to set him up. In the end he has a unproductive chat with Lion (I see people who are GOING to die. No shit Sherlock. Everyone does, its called being alive) he gets taken by the most deadly group to ever possibly grace the Lost Village and is only saved from being tortured (or at least having Lovepon and Mikage fight over the top of him) by Masaki setting a fire to free him.

Why didn’t she go and tell the others she knew what was happening and stop it?

Because she wanted to tell Mitsumune something.

Unfortunately whatever it was is lost when some giant THING appears in the woods.

The whole episode had you on the edge of your seat but you learn nothing at all through it all. Or you at least learn that everyone has secrets they refuse to tell everyone else and some people are much more scary as humans then others.

Koharun is on my list of suspicious people. She really doesn’t seem to want to share anything, like if this village is a lost village and no one knows anything about it why are there documents of scary lullabies from the village? Why when the party that were trying to leave came back and admitted to seeing a giant Mitsumune in a tunnel was she adamant not to tell them about the bus driver seeing his dead daughter? She says it was so no one got worked up but it was something that at that point NEEDED to be shared. Mikage didn’t go about the meeting in the right way but he’s right to be suspicious of anyone holding back information at that point. It was obviously the time people needed to sit back and talk about it. Koharun is one of the major characters who DOESN’T want to talk about it but is also possibly the person that knows the most.

Koharun won’t even tell Valkana and Daahara what she thinks. Another outbreak of creepy singing and the only real change in their dynamic is a flash of what really hides under Daahara’s friendly persona. He ain’t happy with Koharun and Valkana getting close and the loss of his smile and positive look and full on fury in his face makes him another suspicious person.

Then again it totally lies in what you’d think was going on! If you think that people are being killed off by something then I’m not sure I find any of them suspicious. If you think its supernatural as above I think its possibly Koharun that holds the key to what is happening. I’m still 100% behind my they are all dead and in some kind of limbo. Maybe the road to the village is so dangerous that you die on it, hence it can’t be placed on a map? The bus accident killed them and they are being tested.

If that is the case I can see them all being driven to extremes and there might end up being a serial killer of some sorts down the line, it not being till the end that we learn everyone is being judged?

Who knows?!

I don’t really want to wait a week to see the reaction of the group to the giant thing in the woods. It really is way too interesting to have to wait so long to see the next episode.


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