Mawaru Penguindrum : Even if your Love is a Lie…

Episode 8

“Kimi no Koi ga Uso de mo Boku wa” (君の恋が嘘でも僕は)

The anime has shifted completely behind Ringo and her story with only vague hints at the problems facing the Takakura’s but Ringo’s time is running out.

What lengths will she stoop too to complete her fated time with Tabuki.

The episode goes in all the strangest directions you could possibly ask for.

Ringo decides that time has come and she needs to carry on her plan. She needs to get pregnant or at least sleep with Tabuki and Shoma isn’t very far behind her.

This is always the episode I remember when thinking back to Penguindrum because you can’t explain it without it all coming across as horrible and wrong, but its also that point in the series where it shows you just how serious it can be. Through all the jokes and the penguins and the rest of it there is such a dark side to it and this episode was kind of the culmination of all that darkness.

Thing is to simplify it would be to lose the beauty of Ringo’s character. It would also brush over such a real problem in the world and deny her the grieving she deserves. Now no one is saying you should agree with her or that she should be completely forgiven for the things she’s done but to treat it as if its silly or not the end result of, in its own way, a abusive upbringing is just wrong. The episode shows just how far a teenager, who has spent her whole life in the shadow of a dead sibling, will go to “make things right” for parents that never told her that she didn’t have too.

Her parents made her a tribute of kinds to her sister. She just picked up from where they were leaving her.

So what is it she actually does?

She drugs Tabuki, and Shoma because he wouldn’t leave them alone, and tries to rape him. Shoma for some reason comes too and is able to argue with her long enough for Yuri to return and for them to run off and leave.

As I said its a dark story that doesn’t end with someone learning their lesson or even in a good way. In the end whilst arguing outside the diary gets ripped in two by a motorcyclist and Ringo nearly gets hit by a car just for Shoma to push her out of the way and get hit himself.

Sadly it might just take this act of kindness for Ringo to realise she is worth more then the memory of her sister.

For me that is what makes the anime better then what you could explain to people. It is a funny anime and it does go into some horrible and dark places BUT there isn’t a magic wand to make things better. Bad things don’t happen to be made a joke out of it and it gets darker the further you go into it. You can’t explain what draws you to it without making yourself sound weird because the subject matter in each episode is just so odd.

I didn’t want any of the cast of characters to get hurt but at the same time I’m kind of glad that it wasn’t as simple as Ringo messing up that made her wake up, not that she has yet woken up but if anything is going to do that it’ll be this.

For everything wrong with the episode there is a sense of the audience understanding. Thankfully nothing bad happens other then Shoma being hit by a car so you can reflect on what put these characters in that room.

I feel sometimes when friends of mine react on Twitter and Tumblr to me talking about the anime that they’ve never actually watched it and it could be this very episode that they’ve heard about, or the actual  contents of it without the complex story surrounding it, and just turn away from it. You shouldn’t though as it is a very sad story of a very lonely young lady.


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