Mayoiga : Yottsun’s Drowning

Episode 4

With a dead body floating around the group has some difficult questions to answer.

They don’t though. Both sides kind of decide to bury their heads in the sand. The bigger of the two groups decide to leave, the smaller to stay behind. Neither are too worried of actually figuring anything out they just all bicker and go their separate ways.

Before they go Mikage takes Valkana to one side warning him that it could all be a ruse for a wannabe mass murderer to fulfil their dream. Mikage is talking about Koharun who is the other tour guide, the one I suspected of hiding something whilst she gets closer to Valkana.

As I said last time out I think underneath it all Valkana is the most genuine of the group. Koharun is always on about him burdening himself with the responsibility of others, she can easily manipulate anyone in the group having read their files therefore knowing their reasons for being there and Valkana being not only sensitive because of his past but also kind hearted in general but also the muscle of the group and actually quite a half decent leader it seems obvious to latch herself to Valkana.

This episode was when things started to get creepy though.

The group that leave try to follow the map, and do so, but end up double back on themselves and not being able to explain why. They end up following rail road tracks into a tunnel after Hyoketsu falls down after apparently seeing Jack stalking them, just for everyone to run back out the tunnel after seeing a giant Mitsumune. The bus driver (who stayed in the village) is following someone and it turns out to be his daughter who died 10 years ago (or was it a 10 year old daughter who died x amount of years ago?) So this is the big secret that obviously the bus driver and Masaki is keeping? That they seem to be seeing strange things that can’t be there?

This only strengthens my views that they are already dead and in some kind of limbo state.Β  They can’t escape now that they’ve gotten here, even following the map out just leads them back. There is something herding them back into the village and ghosts taunting them. Remember that when we flashed back to seeing Yottsun leaving Masaki he said something strange along the lines of “what even here?” Maybe this has something to do with final judgements?

If anything I think its Lion that knows more then she’s letting on.

I also at one point said that it would be interesting to see if we settled down and saw how bad they would be at living in this village or if the drama would start up and not let down and we kind of got both. Two of the group that stayed behind stayed because they didn’t want to walk, all of them seem totally lost on how to survive at all not even being able to figure out what kind of noise it is that they are scared of. No one brought a real weapon therefore they know they can’t really protect themselves. Some left because they didn’t think they’d be in danger living in a hidden village somewhere in the mountains and continue to be real dense whilst trying to escape.

If you look at the characters too you can possibly see them being dead already. Mitsumune’s dream and the talk about him being a time bomb, he could have easily committed suicide because of overbearing parents. Jack could have killed himself in Juvy and the two lovers could be the real life Romeo and Juliet. It isn’t beyond the possibilities that they’ve all died. You have only seen one interaction with the outside world as it was in episode 1 with Mitsumune looking at his phone but he never replied back to his parents and no one else has tried to contact anyone. You never saw anyone else at the bus service stations or anything.

I wonder if the group who left can even make it back to the village now they left and if they’d all sit down together and talk it through or just squabble more.

The last thing about this episode that harks back what I said in a earlier post is that characters that I don’t really agree with their life view annoying me. Well that has happened with the women who moans about gender equality then decides that if the group gets attacked the men should hold it off so the women can escape because the weakest sex should be protected. THAT kind of bullshit is too much for me to swallow either in a anime show or in life. I hate that attitude. I’m all for human equality but there is nothing equal in her life view she just wants women to be more important then men. She’s the only one and its only that one line so far that has bugged me, and I think its meant to.

In fact I don’t think you’re meant to like the vast majority of these characters because they are vile. What world are they really running from? Because they seem entitled and the kind of people you want to punch in the face on a normal day to day basis. Again they are welcome to live in the mountains because no one else will want them really. Horrible people, the lot of them.


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