Mayoiga : Aloof

Episode 3

Masaki and Yottsun are missing and the group seem unable to communicate with each other. Their first day in the village is going well.

Most of my musing seem to have been right as far as the characters are concerned.

Underneath the stupid characters they have created they have real big issues. We learn that Valkana was made a scapegoat when something leaked from a big company and lost his place in society, we already know that the female who wants to make a fairer place for women was assaulted, Jack attacks the idiot in costume and we find out that he has only just been let out of Juvy after attacking a classmate who was bullying him. Even Lovepon’s love of execution seems to come from a painful past.

Along with the mystery I think its going to be interesting to see the backgrounds of some of these characters and why they ended up where they are.

Masaki was found early in the episode and again my thought that the group can turn ugly fast was right.

After being found without Yottsun the group don’t believe her story. Some of them outright over think it all, others scream and shout.

For me the strongest character coming out of the episode was Valkana.

He might talk about not wanting to be the scape goat or refusing to have other people’s lives on his hands but he’s the only one really thinking about the future of their community and the only one that exstensively searches for Yottun. Yes he’s loud and brash but he was the only one that seemed to care about something outside himself. The female tour guide seemed to want to bond with him and at least calm him down but I don’t trust her either.

For whatever anyone else said he’s the only one I would trust in that situation.

I’m not sure why they were so surprised that Jack attacked someone. He decided to attack the bus driver when he went crazy rather then try to stop the bus in any way it was obvious that he’d turn to violence to end a conflict. Hyoketsu is way too over the top and its about time someone turned around and told him to cut out the crap. They want to start a new life not live with someone who thinks he’s some kind of space pirate. He was way too over sensitive about his name and Jack’s being similar (am I missing something in translation?) whilst three girls have the same name with different endings. He did keep threatening violence, just because he had no intention of actually being violent and its all part of his characters doesn’t stop the fact that he provoked Jack not once but twice.

It finally hit them this episode that they’ve taken on more then they bargained for.

There is a bear on the loose, everyone is scared because they didn’t realise a hidden village in the mountains might come under danger from a animal. They then finally figured out they know absolutely nothing about the people in the group with them and are surprised that one might have been a sexual predator in the making and the other had stabbed someone once? The bus drivers words of warning are starting to come back to bite them on the ass, they are just kids playing at starting over. They have no intentions of really starting over and once the going gets tough a good majority of them were ready to bail out again. Its only because the driver has decided that he won’t leave without all of them that they stayed.

They are smart enough to ration their supplies but again they went to a village that they thought was going to be nearly abandoned and yet now they find it abandoned they only half question how weird everything is, how weird it is that the tour guides had a mysterious e-mail that clued them in where to find it and then have a moral dilemma about using missing people’s bed sheets and the rest.

They would not be a group of people I wish to meet in real life.

The end of the episode see’s Lovepon angry at not being able to execute Jack therefore attacking Mitsumune who then finds a floating body (well technically Maimai does) as he runs away.

You don’t need any clue on who that is.



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