Mayoiga : Blinding Mist

Episode 2

The group are pretty close to Nanaki Village now so it is only a matter of time till we see what all the fuss is about.

Again nothing particularly dramatic happens but it still keeps you in suspense the whole time.

One big observation of the characters in this episode is that they possibly aren’t the kind of people you’d WANT in a normal civilisation anyway. If they are playing bigger then themselves characters fair enough but the ugly way they turned on the driver says a lot about which ones you want to be looking out for.

After getting the bus stranded by carrying on in bad weather against his wishes the bus driver is left on his own as the group decide that it has nothing to do with them. Again names elude me but the “we’re better then you” attitude that they had doesn’t make it feel like any of them are really going to “start over” more like they are going into a small group of people to try and be the boss. What was nice was that it wasn’t a gendered divide or even the same theory on one side and a different one on the other. A group decided that for their own reasons (from not caring, it not being their problem, pushing the problem around so it wasn’t on their shoulders and looking at the driver as nothing but a dead weight to their group) they shouldn’t help. The others decided it was a little harsh. In the end they give him all their money and leave.

Something happens to the bus driver and he does end up finding the group at the Village and deciding to stay with them. Whether then this is something people know that kids do and the driver has been asked to look out for them or something its odd. He doesn’t tell them what he saw in the bus when they left and when one group returns to tell them that two members are missing he looks guilty instead of worried. Like he knew something bad was going to happen.

The two tour guides aren’t any better. The male one had no control over anything on the bus, letting the verbal and physical assaults on the driver go unheeded. He then brushed his hands of it saying he thought the driver was still driving because he’d decided to whilst he knew full well he was being bullied into it. He’s back to his cheerful self when they reach their destination which just shows the nastiness inside him too.

Looking around the village and its been abandoned. They guess for about a year and split up to search the place. All this leads to me wanting to find out about the village but you don’t really learn anything in the episode other then how horrible the group is.

Mitsumune got on my nerves a lot in the episode. How young is he meant to be and how can the tour guide really have someone that young with him with a clear conscious? He thinks he’s in love but then when told that he falls too easily monologues along to himself about how easy he falls in love, finally pissing off Maimai by monologue to himself that he obviously doesn’t fall really easy because he hasn’t fallen for her. There is nothing to him and he drags what is a really awesome group down by being so childish.

The track mark they found also looked nothing like a bears.

First off they need to find Masaki who has been dragged off by Yottsun. He seems to be the biggest threat so far. After that it’ll be interesting to see if they DO end up settling down or if the mysteries and drama keep piling up so they never getΒ a chance to.

You see whilst I want to see the drama and mystery and learn about the village and the characters I also kind of want to see how terribly they’d cope in this village. They’d have to look after themselves not just by getting up and cleaning themselves and getting dressed but finding their own food and creating their own self efficient settlement. There only seems to be one or two of them that possibly could adapt to that kind of life. Mr Survival doesn’t look like he could actually kill anything to be eaten and if he did he’d have no idea how to then skin it or cook it correctly, I doubt any of them would be able to make a fire without matches or lighters, as for farming don’t make me laugh! Some of them, like the couple who really got on my nerves and the girl running from her stalker, look like it’ll only take a day or so before they are sniffed out as useless to the team. They aren’t nice enough to look out for their weak and it looks like they could turn nasty quite easily.

Want proof?

The beginning of the episode when they turned on the bus driver.

The girl who had been harassed looks like she’d try to take control, loud mouth Valkana might want to be in charge but I think she’s smart enough to make him feel like he is whilst actually being in charge.

There are so many interesting dynamics that could come to play. Its actually quite exciting thinking about it.


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