Mayoiga : Look Before you Leap

Episode 1

Will it be Reviewed : YES
ByΒ  : Luc

So we’ve gotten very behind, for me the next anime to review is Mayoiga, even though its four episodes old as of writing this. A mysterious village and 30 people being led there. Nothing could possibly go wrong surely?

I think it was interesting to meet everyone right off the bat, getting a little look at their characters before throwing them into the main story. I also love that the story itself was pretty much explained. There was no real “this is a main character” vibe other then from one or two characters and we saw everyone through their own introductions not someone else’s eyes.

The opening took a while but was worth it.

It made me really uneasy the whole way through. The concept of what they were doing, the songs and games they were playing and just the way it was presented. I had a big feeling by the end of the episode that these guys could be dead already, I mean they never met anyone else as far as we could see other then the last person to join them to go onto the village.

You wouldn’t think a bus trip would be so interesting but it really was. There are so many different personalities in the group and the scary thing is that they are all planning on going to Nanaki Village and live together but they are still hiding behind their online names and personalities. It was interesting how Lion and Maimai seemed to single Mitsumune out as being odd. Maimai took a instant dislike to him and Lion thinks we should keep a eye on him. He seems like the normal anime protagonist teenage boy. Over excited, scatter brained and has trouble talking to groups and girls but is kind hearted and gentle. It will be interesting to see if something darker lurks in him but I doubt it.

His dream in the middle of the episode really took me out of it. Such a creepy dream and well presented, by that time I was on the edge of my seat paying attention so the second that it exploded in the way that it did I found myself holding my breath not too sure what I’d see next.

Other then the dream the most dramatic moment of the whole thing was what came next. The bus driver had already told them that they were children and shouldn’t take the ideal of “starting over” lightly, pointing out that most people want to start over but in reality you really should just grit your teeth and get on with it like everyone else. He then went batshit crazy and tried to kill them, another reason why I kind of think they’ll all be dead anyway, but for some reason they then still got back on the bus with him.

I lost track of all their names but the one that attempted to stop him by beating him up got on my nerves a little. I feel like there might be a few of them that have life ideals that will rub me up the wrong way which will be good because it’ll keep it interesting.

Hayato (SpeedRacer or whatever his name was) was the one that really annoyed me whilst at the same time being the character I probably relate to most. If I had the opportunity to visit something like that I’d do so but only to find out the truth behind it. I guess I agree with him and the bus driver that the ideal of starting over is a bit silly, especially at their ages and especially by hiding yourself away but he added nothing himself to anything. He might be there to find out the truth but he seemed to have no idea what was there. I would have preferred that he wasn’t just there to tell Mitsumune that his ideas were stupid.

Finally is the Unlucky Hippopotamus song a real thing or something in this anime? Mainly because it was pretty much Solomon Grundy. The way it was highlighted made me feel like it was foreshadowing something.

Plus the song that apparently was a nursery rhyme in the Village at the end? What kind of people do they have to be to sing about pulling off limbs?!

Straight up one of the best first episodes of a anime I’ve seen in a long time.


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