Kiznaiver : Depending on How You Look at it, I Think We Could Get Through Anything…. Right?

Episode 3

“Donna ni Sanzan na Joukyou Datte Torae Kata Shidai de Nantoka Yatteikeru kamo…… ne?” (どんなにさんざんな状況だって捉えかた次第でなんとかやっていけるかも…… ねっ?)

We got to know everyone’s little secret in a attempt to see them force a bond and ended on the cliff hanger of all cliff hangers…

… Just to have Maki tell us that she was joking and ask why everyone is taking it so seriously.

Tenga really made the episode. I thought I’d say it right off the start. He’s just crazy and the stupid things he does just made the episode so enjoyable.

They had to meet their 7th member, Deadly Sin Immoral.

In the morning Tenga feels some pain, Tenga having decided to move in with Katsuhira, at school they slowly all turn up one by one and realise that its not any of them setting off the pain. Their wrists shows a D followed by a number and they realise that there is a 7th member, this is when Sonozaki pipes up being able to communicate to them through their wrists and tells them to go find him.

Cue a crazy chase around the city and a confusing conversation that ends with us finding out that maybe just maybe the seventh member is going to cause some problems as he seemed to enjoy pain. I say seem, you don’t need any more clues as to why he’s called Immoral.

This was the first time I really just enjoyed the show because of the characters, beforehand it was all about the set up and the world and what was going on but this time you just got to see the characters being themselves and really interacting with each other. Bonds are more likely to be made when they work together then when they are being forced to do so.

Its nice to see that they are already learning about each other and also seem to care in general knowing that they are stuck together. So many interesting personalities vying for attention in the group. But it is Tenga that makes me laugh the most. He just does things without ever thinking and its funny. He also in his own way seems to care quite a bit. I loved that he just went around the place hitting people to get a reaction out of the 7th guy and then when he hit Katsuhira on the back it made me realise one thing he might learn is to think about his own strength.

My favourite episode so far.


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